YouTube Animated Video Outro’s



  •  In today’s world everyone knows that videos work in viewer retention and conversion, yet 97% of those videos don’t have the proper Funnel!
  • YouTube right now changed their algorithm so your YouTube traffic meaning YOUR potential customers get auto-forwarded to someone ELSE’s videos. (we’re sure you’ve seen this after watching a YouTube video, right?)

Well, we have a solution to this very real issue!

A YouTube Video Outro


What is a YouTube Video Outro?

  • It may be called… End Slate, Tail Slate, End Screen OR YouTube Cards
  • It’s where at the end of your video, an image OR another ‘short’ 20-30 second video will play
  • This video will have STRONG call-to-actions that can forward somewhere else of your choosing
  • This allows a viewer NOT to get auto-forwarded to another video that is NOT yours….like your competition


not just any YouTube Video Outro


  • You could get free ones, that viewers will not notice, create them yourself, if you had the tools and time…OR we can do them for you….BUT WHY?
  • We need to make sure that your YouTube Video Outro would be seen and a call-to-Action would occur, so we ‘ANIMATED’ them!
  • There are working samples below you can pick from
  • We can customize the background, text and color to match your branding 



  • Would you like to see a ‘LIVE’ sample of an Animated Video Outro?
  • This one is customized to match the video
  • Watch this Video and see why Animated Video Outros are a need if using YouTube


Outro’s Target where viewers go next


Outro’s Drives Sales

Outro’s can have Dual Videos within Videos

Outro’s help in your Social Media Marketing


Now, You would need to shell out a significant amount of money ($400.00 minimum) to have even JUST ONE YouTube Video Outro that is Animated made. With Pavcomm, we’ll create and design for you a video outro that viewers think you spent a fortune on. But you didn’t!

Why you need YouTube Video Outro’s

  • If you use YouTube to host your videos, at the end, your viewers can be directed to your competitor
  • You’ve spent all that money on your video, why not finish it with a fantastic call-to-action at the end
  • Gives your viewers a place to go next
  • Keeps viewers in your circle
  • Extends viewer watch times
  • Improves viewers subscription to your YouTube Channel
  • Improves viewers engagement rates
  • bottom-line, in the end, it will make you more money

Why Choose Us for your Outro’s

  • We can create a custom animated Outro that matches your branding
  • We understand how important it is to keep your viewers engaged about your business
  • We create Videos, Call-to-Action inside your video, YouTube Channel Art, so this was the next evolution for us to design
  • If you have Adobe After Effects, Sony Vagas Pro or a host of different video creation products, you can do them yourself, yet with all the time that would be involved, it would not be cost prohibited to do it in-house, that is why we can do it at a fraction of the cost has you or others.
  • After all, it’s a great fit in our video wheel house

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