Talking Doodle Head Videos

What is a Talking Doodle Head

– In short, it’s a whiteboard doodle character’s head that talks.

– Their mouths move to what they are saying.

– Even every now and again, their hands will move as well.

– These ‘Talking Doodle Heads’ GRAB viewers attention and they will be engaged until the end of the video.

The POWER of a Talking Doodle Head


When a viewer sees a Talking Doodle Video...

– They are amazed and intrigued that the doodle character is not only talking, but their month is moving to the words they speak. Plus, their eyes move as well.

– They not only watch the video, but they watch it till the end!

When you have a Talking Doodle Video on your site...

– You’ll see that viewers STICK around longer.

– They WATCH your video

– And most IMPORTANTLY, your message is understood! That means the video did the job it was MEANT to do!

Want Your Own Personal Doodle Head?

Your Own Personalized Doodle Headshot...

– You supply us with a picture of yourself and we will turn it into a black and white as well as a colorized doodle headshot.
– As you can see, Dean had his done and for the most part, it’s spot-on!
– Then all you have to do is provide us your .mp3 audio of you talking and we’ll turn it into you own personalized Doodle Video whereas you’re the main character!
– Your Clients will love it and watch it!
– Contact us to find out more on a custom doodle headshot!

Other ‘Styles’ of  Doodle Videos

Whiteboard Doodle Videos...

– We’re sure you’ve seen them around. They can be colorized OR black and white. If done correctly, they are engaging and they DO GET WATCHED!

– If created/designed correctly, they do something that no other video can do. That is… the brain watches what is being drawn and what will be drawn next!

– See how a custom Doodle Video will increase your viewers watch time. Longer watch time EQUALS your message is getting through to them!

Doodle Videos

Whiteboard CTA Shorts....

– Looking for a short doodle to explain a call-to-action?

– Want a doodle video on your site, but don’t need a full production design?

– Then see what a Doodle CTA Shorts can do for your website or social media.

Doodle CTA Shorts

 Find out more about Talking Doodle Heads and how they can benefit you!


We Build Doodle Videos to suite YOUR needs!


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