Take your Video...

to the next level of CREATION by using ‘VidBotics’


POWERFUL New Technology...

allows you to incorporate both interactive elements inside your video, while adding your own personal narrator inside the video


Give your Viewers a Reason...

to not only WATCH your videos, but be totally IMMERSED in it. Plus, the ability to guide them to what YOU want your viewer to know.

Top 3 reasons you NEED VidBotics

Poor Video Engagement?

Yes, most videos now have low engagement rates. Why? Easy, people are bombarded with all styles of videos all day long. It’s TOO many videos for one set of eyeballs.
VidBotics fixes this issue!

No Control of your Call-to-Action?

Yes, you may have your phone number and website at the end, but that does not WORK!
VidBotics fixes this issue!

Viewers don't understand the message?

With all the different assets that you may have in your videos, viewers get LOST in the message.
VidBotics fixes this issue!

VidBotics fixes all the current issues with YOUR video(s)!

How do we know? It’s a proven formula!

So, what are we talking about?

Lets take a look at the 2 Important Features

Interactive Elements

– Create custom links be it Text, Buttons or HotSpots that the viewer can see and click on. This feature allows Engagement and they will watch more of your video.

– With more INTERACTIVE  ELEMENTS such as Opt-in forms, Quizzes and Polls you will have a very POWERFUL sales tool that WILL increase viewers understanding and TRUST.

Video Sales Bot

Your Video Narrator… be it 2D or 3D Characters, will Magically tell your story so YOUR viewers will understand and retain the information you want to give them!

– They are ‘baked’ into the video and guides your viewer throughout your video story!

Your Video Sales Bot / Digital Salesperson sells for you 24/7. They do NOT ask for time off, a pay raise, nor do they complain. They WORK for YOU!

Looking For Human Digital Spokespersons?

By the way, these are NOT real humans.
They’re ‘AI’ (Artificial Intelligence) humans!

We have ‘male’ and ‘female’ available.

Why did We Create VidBotics?

Look At It This Way....

We already have 2 proven services

1) Video Engagerr – This is our interactive video platform. Once added, your visitor can select multiple elements that they can click on and it will go there. RIGHT INSIDE THE VIDEO!
(Click Here – to find out more)

2) VidPresenter – This is our customized 2D/3D character avatar. With this, you can have an avatar pop-up or walk-in on a website page to communicate your message.
(Click Here – to find out more)

So, if Video Engagerr & VidPresenter had a baby, it would be... 'VidBotics'!

Well, they say SEEING is BELIEVING…

Sit Back, Watch & Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY!

Yes, we absolutely mean this!
We say the following at the end of this video, but we need to type it here.

We are combining the 2 power-house technologies currently available to Large Corporations and businesses with DEEP pockets, and now offering it to YOU… and that is, Interactive videos and video sales bot narrators!

See for YOURSELF the POWER of VidBotics

See why we say… “VidBotics, the Next Evolution of Videos”!




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