Virtual 360 Engagerr

virutal 360 engagerr

Virtually Interact with your viewers...

‘Virtual 360 Engagerr’ has the greatest Interaction with your viewers!


They're NO Longer just for...

Realtors. With Virtual 360 Engagerr, you can showcase your Business and Yourself like never before!


Give your Viewers a reason...

to do business with you. With COVID still here, what’s going to happen when the next shutdown happens? Are you ready? Your business will ALWAYS be open for your clients!


– We all know what a standard website looks like. It has NOT changed since it’s conception so many years ago. The platforms may change, but the overall look hasn’t.

– Now in 2022, we are hearing about Metaverse and Web3.0. It’s the next evolution of what will be viewed on the internet. And it will be here sooner than you think!

– We are ready for this by creating Virtual 360 Engagerr. It’s a 360° environment, allowing the visitors to Interact, Engage and Browse information about your company, products and services.

– So, with a standard site, one is reading content or watching videos. With our platform, one is now Interactive, Engaged and Immersed into YOUR Virtual Showroom of YOUR company!

– Using the internet and browser, your visitor can view YOUR Virtual Environment with NO additional hardware or software.


Top 3 BENEFITS you NEED Virtual 360 Engagerr


Since COVID, people do more research and shopping online than ever before.
When viewers can ‘tour’ your business, and see exactly who you are, this builds TRUST.

Showcase your business...

There is no better platform than a Virtual Tour to showcase your business! A website cannot, a video cannot and social media cannot. HARNESS THE POWER of what a Virtual 360 Tour can do for you!

Increase revenue...

Your customized Virtual 360 Tour will be online 24/7. This means you have a greater chance of increasing your bottom-line, sales!

See for yourself the POWER of Virtual 360 Engagerr

Why YOUR business NEEDS a Virtual 360 Tour


Your visitor will STAY on your site longer. Which in turn helps you out in Google’s algorithm due to folks won’t bounce off your site too quickly, and that’s a good thing!

More Engagement...

Visitors are more likely to share your site with others and that will mean increased traffic organically and engagement will increase.


You’ve spent a lot of money and time into your business, correct? You want visitors to get to know you and what you offer, right? What better way to do this but with a Virtual 360 Tour of your office and what you want to showcase.

No Competition...

Currently, if you think about your competitors, do they have a virtual tour? Then you’ll be one step ahead of them. You now gained that competitive edge!

So, what are we talking about?

The ability to have YOUR viewer INTERACT with your business 24/7 virtually!

Lets take a look at 6 ‘Virtual 360 Engagerr’ Features

Gamification HotSpot

– We provide you a way to increase engagement within your tour to attract your customers by incorporating rewards each time they take action!
– Visitors can unlock coupons, discounts, freebies, etc. All from right inside your tour.
– How? When they complete pre-defined actions, IE: get a 15% discount after opening 4 hotspots or Spend 5 mins inside the tour to download a FREE ebook, etc.
– Gamification OR Rewards Hotspots are a proven method of increasing sales while having satisfied customers.

information HotSpot

– This hotspot can be used for so many different options.
– Have an announcement? Use this hotspot.
– Running a promotion? Use this hotspot.
– Just want to say ‘Thank You’? Use this hotspot.
– Having the ability to announce anything you want and need to, is very important. This is why we created this feature.
– Just think about all the different ways you can implement this hotspot so your viewers will better understand your business and how it will help them.

Link (URL) HotSpot

Okay, this is one of our favorite hotspots.
– Just think about this, when you have a person viewing your Virtual Tour and you want them to see something OR go somewhere, this is the perfect feature.
– You can have this REDIRECT anywhere you need it to go.
– Redirect to a website.
– Redirect to a social media page.
– Redirect to another website page.
– Redirect to an affiliate link.
– Redirect to another ‘Virtual 360 Engagerr’.
– No matter where you want them to go to, as long as you have a URL, you can do this.

Product / Service HotSpot

– The cold hard fact is, purchasing products and goods has shifted from Retail to online not just temporarily but forever.
– COVID forever changed the landscape of how people buy things.
– You now can sell your products and services over our feature robust E-Commerce portal technology.
– Using all the hotspot features that are available for E-Commerce, your guests will NOT feel pressured. This will in turn, gain their trust and allow them to purchase like no other platform in the marketplace.

Testimonial HotSpot

– Talk about increasing conversion. Testimonials / Reviews are PROVEN to increase sales.
– Easily add customers’ reviews with ratings to all your virtual tours & stores and convert every visitor into a paying customer.
– On-Site Reviews are known to make a noticeable increase in conversion-rates.
– In fact, according to a study from iPerceptions, 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a platform that has testimonials over places that don’t.

Testimonial HotSpot Image
Video HotSpot Image

Video HotSpot

– This is near and dear to our core business.
– Pavcomm has been creating videos since 2013 and we KNOW the power it has in TRUST and CONVERSIONS.
– We don’t have to tell you that many studies have been done and it’s no surprise that (correctly created) videos sell.
– Videos on websites and social media.
– Videos just plain work.
– You can embed your videos inside your customized tour.
– Be it reviews, testimonials, promotions, specials…it does not matter.
– We support: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and Direct Links.

Now, lets view the full ‘feature’ lists ‘Virtual 360 Engagerr’ has

Call to Action HotSpot

Call to Action Hotspot:
- Tell your visitors what you want them to do next.
- Be it opt-in to your list, buy a product or anything you want them to do.

Image HotSpot

Image Hotspot:
- You can post any type of image.
- Be it a product graphic.
- Be it a picture of your waiting room to the patient room (if a doctor) to your warehouse and any other important images that would pertain to your business.
- We accept .jpg and .png file formats.

File Download HotSpot

File Download Hotspot:
- This enables your viewers to download a file or a PDF.
- Be it a price list, feature list, White Paper or anything else pertaining to your business.

Audio HotSpot

Audio Hotspot
- Have an announcement to make?
- Want to TELL your visitor something?
- Want the ability to communicate your message via your own voice?

Well, now you can! Just record your message and save it as an .mp3. Then we will add this message where you want it on your Virtual Tour.

This is a very powerful way to interact with your visitor. They can HEAR you and this will gain you more TRUST!

HTML HotSpot

HTML Hotspot:
- The ability to embed any HTML component inside your tour.
- Example: We have a platform called Video Engagerr. It's where you can have interactive elements inside your video.
- Your viewer would click on this element and it will go to wherever it is set-up to go.
Since we host this and it's an embed code (.js), we cannot put in into the 'Video Hotspot' due to there is NO URL link, so we embed it in this Hotspot. You can see an example of this on our 'Office Setting' Demo.

GoTo (next scene) HotSpot

GoTo (next scene) HotSpot:
- Your viewer can jump from one scene to another.
- If you have more than one image of your business, say your waiting room, your client room and your conference room, you'd then have three 360 images. This is where this Hotspot will come in to play.

Click-to-Call/Email HotSpot

Click-to-Call/Email Hotspot:
- Have users call you from right inside the tour with just a simple click (or email you…)
- and YES, it's mobile friendly as well.

Opt-in Form HotSpot

Opt-in Form Hotspot:
- Lead generation through tours.
- Generate leads from your tours and get them added to your autoresponder immediately on autopilot.
- Trigger Facebook pixel at any point in the video.

We support the following platforms:
- Active Campaign
- AWeber
- Get Response
- Hubspot
- Klaviyo
- MailChimp
- Mailerlite
- Moosend
- omnisend
- Sendlane
- sendinblue
More to come...

Let’s See Some Demo Tours in Action!

Time to get Interactive!

Office Setting

We have a TUTORIAL and a DEMO

We’ve said that our Virtual Tours are not just for the industries we think of, but for all businesses. So, we have created a Virtual 360 Engagerr for an Office Setting.

CLICK the first link which is a Tutorial of this Demo. We show what the hotspots are as well as all the other features. Then CLICK the ‘Take the Tour’ button. See how POWERFUL this platform is!


We have a TUTORIAL and a DEMO

No matter what business industry you’re in, you’re selling something to someone! Now, YOU can add your products, services or goods to a Virtual 360 Tour, Just like the BIG corporations!

CLICK the first link which is a Tutorial of this Demo. We show what the hotspots are, as well as all the other features. Then CLICK the ‘Take the Tour’ button. See how POWERFUL this E-Comm platform is!

Just so you know, we are NOT Google Certified. There is a reason for this.

Anyone can be certified. Just use their free app (Street View) and shoot the outside of 50+ businesses that are NOT on their platform. You also have other criteria, but you get the idea….our time is best served, serving you!


Why Pavcomm and not a professional photographer?


- A photographer knows how to create that perfect image by using light or no light to their advantage.

- Be it inside or outside, they know what works.

- They know lighting to shadowing to all aspects of that profession.


- Now, Pavcomm has been creating professional videos since 2013, and with all the different ‘Styles’ of videos out there, we know which one to use for each purpose.

- Understanding what assets go where to pulling the viewer in at certain points of a video comes only with time. We’ve got that covered along with a call to action at the end.

When you need a professional, you hire one that’s best suited for that task, correct?
Then if we both can take the same 360 photo shots of your business, home or building, who would you rather have creating your Virtual 360 Tour, a photographer or a video creation company?

Let’s show how Virtual 360 Engagerr will increase your bottom-line!


  • Always Open 24/7
  • Empower your visitors to purchase with TRUST
  • On your website, embed your Virtual Tour, then watch your analytics
  • Impact viewer awareness, increase sales, and take your marketing and communications to the NEXT LEVEL
  • Let the internet finally WORK for you, NOT the other way around.
  • With 360 Tours starting at $695.00 (+ a small monthly fee for hosting), this is truly a no-brainer
  • Learn more on getting started, click ‘HOW TO GET STARTED‘ button
  • Please fill out our Needs Assessment form by clicking button:


How to Proceed...

  • First: Please Click the 'Needs Assessment' Button located at the bottom of the main page, and fill it out. (this will help us understand your needs and will be able to properly give you a quote).
  • Agreement: After signing the agreement (which will be furnished upon request), a first payment (50% non-refundable deposit), will need to be made.
  • Appointment: Next, we'll need to make an appointment with you so our team member can stop by and shoot the rooms you want for your virtual tour.
  • Assets: While we're at your place of business, if you have any audio (.mp3 /.wav), images (ie: logo) or content, please supply us with them so we can start working on your customized Virtual 360 Engagerr Tour(s).
  • Work Commencement: Once we leave your place of business, we'll start our work. Remember: besides the room/scene pictures we've taken, work can only move forward as we collect your assets and data.
  • Turn-Around Time: Once we have ALL content, it will take between 3-5 business days to complete your Customized Virtual 360 Tour.

What You Get: Once done, we will supply you with...
- An unbranded URL that you can use on your website, social media or wherever you want.
- Embed Code - If you want to embed your tour(s) on your website, we will furnish an Embed code your web-master can use to 'embed' your tour(s).

- Since the tour (scenes) need to be customized image(s) / pictures, we ONLY currently service Maricopa County, Arizona.
- If you reside outside of this area, please contact us so we can discuss ways of getting your scene images created.