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Videos are Incredibly Powerful!

“A website without a video, is a waste of that visitor…
A website with a poor video, is a waste of money…
get a video for your website that will PULL visitors in, while giving them a call-to-action”

BUT, not just any video will do!

You need a video that will hit 5 main points

1 - Create an Emotion

2 - Create a Need

3 - Solve that Need

4 - Get Watched to the End

5 - Has a Strong Call-to-Action at End

Lets Start with a Few Different Styles We Offer

Explainer Videos

What is an Explainer Video

An Explainer Video communicates a Company’s business.

– It can promote most anything your client’s business does. It can promote a Sale, Event, or even an up coming launch.

– With different ‘Styles’ of this, it can be a Promo, a Character, Animated or even a Kinetic Typography Video. They need to be short and engaging.
Don’t wait, contact us today and lets create some Explainer videos for your clients!

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3D Logo Animations

What is a 3D Logo Animation

A 3D Logo Animation is a 5-10 second video that animates your clients Logo OR image using a POWERFUL animated styling video.

– They’re meant to be a branding tool to showcase your client’s Logo (or any text/image) using their branding colors and style.

– They can appear to be over the top, but in reality, they are done that way for a reason. It’s a WOW FACTOR!

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Square Videos

What is a Square Video

– A Square Video is a 1:1 ratio video and is viewable better than a regular 16:9 ratio video.

– Since we view our smart phone vertically, by creating a square video, one does NOT have to rotate their phone horizontally. They can just click and watch!

– Square Videos are now the new standard size for social media, and feel larger than the 16:9 ratio videos.

– See how we can help your client’s viewers experience. Contact us and see what we can create!

Square Video Wrappers

What is a Square Video Wrapper

– A Square Video Wrapper is a video or image that ‘wraps’ around a square video so it not only looks better but it captures viewers attention better.

– It replaces that ugly BLACK bars on the top and bottom of the video.

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Vertical Videos

What is a Vertical Video

– A Vertical Video (also known as ‘portrait mode’) is just as it sounds. It’s vertical with a 9:16 ratio. It’s the reverse of a regular size video.

– If a square video is a better mobile viewing experience then a 19:9 ratio, then a vertical sized video is even a better experience than a square sized video.

– A Vertical Video will fill up the entire mobile screen so one can be totally  immersed in viewing your video.

– With IGTV, Facebook and other Social Media platforms embarrassing this ‘style’ of video….no matter if you like these or not, it’s here to stay.
Find out how you can better assist your clients by using Vertical videos in their campaigns today.

Text Engagerr Videos

What is Text Engagerr

A Text Engagerr is a Video that looks like a normal text conversation you’d have on your mobile device.

– To better understand this FIRST TO MARKET technology, and how your clients will thank you, watch the video then click the button below.
Prepare to be impressed at this style of video!

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Music Visualizerr Videos

What is a Music Visualizerr Video

– It’s a video that partners sound and images together. The images then animate to the sound of the music that is playing. When viewing this, you’ll see the peaks and valleys in the animated image(s) when the music is playing.

– Imagine what you can supply to your clients when you take their Audio, and transfer it to a mesmerizing video!

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And, lets not forget about Doodle Videos

What is a Whiteboard Doodle Video

A WhiteBoard Doodle Video is a video that draws text and images so it looks like one is drawing on a whiteboard.

– Our bread and butter videos. We’ve been designing these styles of videos since 2013. When designed correctly, they are very powerful and watched till the end. You NEED this style in YOUR video portfolio!

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Our Powerful Engaging Eyeball Glue Video Products


VidBotics = Total Video Dominance

– If you had a video that truly Mesmerised your viewer, and guided them to take action, would you want to Harness this technology?

– You NOW are able to by using VidBotics. It’s a compilation of two of our platforms. Video Engagerr (interactive elements inside the video) and the second being VidPresenter (our avatar spokesperson).

Combining the technology of interactivity & the power of an Avatar narrator, you have a video that…
> gets watched (and watched till the end)
> gets engagement
> glues the eyeballs to your video story

See Why Your Business NEEDS VidBotics

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Video Engagerr – Interactive Videos

Video Engagerr... Interactive Videos

– Now, have a POWERFUL, INTERACTIVE, Video

– Are you looking for a way to CAPTURE your viewers and TELL them what to do next?

– There’s a HUGE PROBLEM with videos. They are ONE dimensional. Meaning, one can only view them.

– We have SOLVED that by having viewers interact inside your video!

– This ENGAGES viewers and commands ATTENTION.
We call it, Video Engagerr and it will TRANSFORM your videos!

See Why Your Business NEEDS Interactive Videos

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Virtual 360 Tours for Businesses

Virtual 360 Engagerr

– When COVID hit, we wanted to create something for regular businesses that would HELP them stay in business.

– We decided since we create videos for businesses, why not create a VIRTUAL WAY of showcasing one’s business. Virtual 360 Engagerr was born!

– It’s for EVERY business, not just for the realtor sector.

– What we created builds TRUST, stays open 24/7, no staff NEEDED and visitors ENGAGE inside of it!

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VidPresenter – Website Avatars


– A POWERFUL website Call-to-Action

– If you’re looking for a way to CREATE call-to-actions on our site, what can you do?

– There’s an ISSUE with most websites and we’ve created a SOLUTION which will get NOTICED
We call it, VidPresenter and it helps your BUSINESS website!

See Why Your Business NEEDS VidPresenter on your site

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Why investing in us is a smart choice for your Business


Your VISITORS NEED Videos that they will watch. No matter which ‘Style’ of videos YOU want OR need, we can CUSTOM create them for you.


Where ever you outsource videos, you need to TRUST them. We’ve been a local staple in the Phoenix, AZ area since 2013 designing videos for businesses.


It’s important that you team up with a company that can produce QUALITY videos for your BUSINESS, at a price that works for you. We can HELP!

Help your viewers get the very best engagement in the video they can!


  • Partnering with Pavcomm, will INCREASE your ROI
  • Videos have better engagement than text OR images
  • YOUR viewers deserve POWERFUL videos that ENGAGE
  • We’ll work hard behind the scenes and you’ll get all the CREDIT!
  • Let’s work together TODAY so your viewers will see the videos that WILL Engage, Entertain and Converts Sales!
  • Our only Question is: