Social Media Video Membership Club


Introducing Social Media Video Membership Club

– Why not have us create many videos for you? Videos get RESULTS!


Why a Membership?

– Good Question. Google ranks videos better than websites, plus a well designed video gets watched. NOW add lower outlay and BETTER Value with fresh content!


What does this mean for you?

– Each Month, per your option selection, we’ll provide you with a variety of different ‘styles’ of videos to keep your viewers ENGAGED!  When your viewers are engaged, they stay on your site longer and you have a better chance of converting them.

3 reasons why our Video Membership Club will benefit your business



Now you have a Video Agency (if you will) working for you! Have a dead-line for a promotion? No worries… just let use know and we’ll create the perfect video for you.


No matter what Plan you pick, as long as you let use know in advance, we can do a substitution in your Monthly Video Plan Selection.


Better Engagement

Google Loves Videos! They rank better than websites and your audience will prefer to watch a short well designed video over reading text!

Why do you need to buy into a monthly Membership

Why a Membership...

  • Lower Cost, Higher Value
  • Excellent ROI
  • New content every month
  • Have a promotion coming up? A video will create the BUZZ!
  • Better Google rankings. The more videos, the more Google has to offer viewers.

No need to worry...

  • About how to create your videos, we’ll custom create them for you
  • No matter if videos are for your site,  or social media we have a TIER PLAN to suite your needs
  • You’ll KNOW that be it your site or your social media…. you’ll have a PERFECT Video to showcase your business

We supply fresh content...

  • Do you need specific seasonal videos? Social Media promo’s?
  • Videos are a fantastic platform to make sure your MESSAGE is heard
  • No matter your needs, we’ll fulfill them
  • Just pick a Plan that best suites your video needs and we’ll start creating CUSTOM videos for your business

Take Your Viewer Engagement to the next level!


  • Our Membership increases your ROI and have BETTER value
  • No more WORRIES about creating VIDEOS!
  • Videos have better engagement than text OR images!
  • Engage your Viewers with NEW Videos each week/month!
  • Google Likes Videos, so the more you have, the better your rankings!
  • Let’s work together TODAY so you can have the videos that that YOU want which engages, entertains and converts sales!
  • Our only Question is:

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