Whiteboard Doodle Videos, Whiteboard Doodle Animated Videos, Speed Drawing or whatever you want to call them……

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to learn what a Whiteboard Doodle is,

and how it will benefit you!


  • Whiteboard Doodle Animation Videos, They Engage Your Audience
  • Whiteboard Doodle Animation Videos, They Increase One’s Awareness
  • Whiteboard Doodle Animation Videos, They Increase Conversion Rates
  • Whiteboard Doodle Animation Videos, They Enhance Visibility
  • They Most Definitely Make You Stand Out From Your Competition
  • Higher Rankings in Search Engines

And for all the hoopla out there about videos, They Get Watched!

We’ve been Creating Whiteboard Doodle Videos since 2013…

Why is a whiteboard doodle
animated video….


the best way to, communicate your business?

Watch and find out!


What is a Whiteboard Doodle Animated Video?

  • It’s a video where a human hand draws text and images that makes the video seem like a doodle.
  • That stated, make NO mistake about it, these are POWERFUL videos that engages views. Your viewers are watching the hand draw something and they watch as each drawing comes to life. Since these types of videos are relatively new in concept, you’re sure to make a great first impression using a doodle video for your business!
  • Since their watching the video, it gets watched to the end. Isn’t that what you want? The days of 10 minutes videos are over. GRAB one’s attention and have a call to action within 90 seconds!
Invest 90 seconds of your time and view this video to see why! What’s all the fuss about…it’s a doodle video…it will impress!


Whiteboard Doodle Videos are the 2016-2018 TREND, and 2022 NORM!  Whiteboard Doodle Videos are now so popular…WHY? They work! Whiteboard Doodle Videos keep viewers watching till the end, and that’s what you want…RIGHT? Not only do we provide outstanding Custom Whiteboard Doodle Videos, we stand ahead of the pack. HOW? We constantly keep updating our features, like video background and animations – gifs inside a doodle video!  

NEW / UPDATED FEATURES added that truly separates us from the others so-called doodlers! (and, do they create in-house OR outsource?)
> We design all of our doodle videos in-house!

Uses for a Whiteboard Doodle Video?


  • Product Introduction
  • “How To” Videos
  • Company’s Story
  • Sales
  • Your Product Idea
  • Just have a POWERFUL video that now, your viewers will WATCH!

Why use a Whiteboard Doodle Video

  • It’s weird
  • It’s unforgettable
  • It stands out
  • It works
  • It gets watched to the end
  • It showcases thoughts, ideas and business in a new way… DOODLE IT!




Why our Whiteboard Doodle Videos

  • We used it ourselves, before adding this product to our line. So we know how it PULLS in leads and converts leads to sales!
  • We understand it’s hard to find a reputable company that can not only do Doodle Videos, and we have customer service that is second to none, and we’re in the United States.
  • Compared to similar companies out there, we at Pavcomm can create for your business a professional, captivating Whiteboard Doodle Video at a fraction of the cost!
  • If you watched our doodle videos, did you watch till the end? Were you mesmerized? We hope so…



Lets Talk About Square Doodle Videos

We’ll build a Custom Square Doodle Video to suite YOUR social media needs!

Other ‘Styles’ of  Doodle Videos

Have you ever seen a Doodle Video were the Doodle Characters talk and their mouths move?

If you want a truly unique doodle video, and one that ENGAGES your viewers, then you need to check this out!

Talking Doodle Head Videos

Looking for a short doodle to explain a call-to-action?

Want a doodle video on your site, but don’t need a full production design?

Doodle CTA Shorts

comic strip doodle video.now available

Comic Strip Whiteboard Doodle Videos

  • Now we have added our ‘spin’ in them to be able to bring to you our version of comic strips, doodle style!
  • Imagine if you will a whiteboard doodle video that looks like a comic strip…WOW… now that is something.
  • We are in the works to transform this doodle industry and create a new, fresh way of designing the whiteboard doodle animated videos.

On the Fence about getting a Doodle Video?

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We Create Doodle Videos that Get Results!

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