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Pavcomm’s News and Updates


May 2024 – After the public launch of our eCard ‘Card Engager’ last month, we’ve had a huge almost overwelming response to it!
– So, we’ve been working on making the platform bullet proof. From being able to mass email more emails at once, to adding more cover templates as well as making sure the servers can handle the volume.
– Stay tuned to more exciting news on Card Engager!

April 2024 – It’s offical! We have a NEW platform to reveal to the public. This has been in beta testing for months now and with a select group of businesses testing this out, we can now release it to the public!
– Do you receive and send email?
– The emails that you get, are they long winded and just ramble on and on?
– Do those emails just get put into your ‘I’ll get the them later’ pile?
– What about the emails you send out on a daily basis… do you think the people that receive them feel the same way?
We have a platform that will literally change the way you email as well as the way that your recipient reads them.
Introducing Card Engager.
Card Engager is a modern form of sending cards. It’s an eCard (electonic card) that YOU design and send via email. And, don’t worry about how it’s being sent. We provide SMTP which enables you do be able to send them from YOUR email!
– The list of benefits are too loong to list here, so head on over to the Card Engager page and see how this will IMPACT the way you communicate and market your business!

March 2024 – We have someting new cooking in the works. This is truly exciting for us, and know it will be for you as well. Stay tuned for more!

February 2024 – Behind the scenes, we are working on all the Presenter ‘styles’ of videos. Keeping in mind what you all wanted and needed from a vertical video. We look forward in bringing you more features as well as a couple more ‘presenter’ style videos in the up coming months… stay tuned!

January 2024 – We want to thank everyone that had and has an interest in our newest line-up.. Our 3P’s.
– Be it Face Presenter
– Audio Presenter
– Word Presenter
Each one of them brings a new way of creating and designing videos.
We will be adding more features to all three of them in the upcoming months. So, be on the look-out


December 2023 – There are no new updates nor any new platforms this year.
– We just want to wish you all a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season.
– Without your support, we would not be where we are, and we Thank You!
– Till next month!

November 2023 – Okay, we have yet another video platform to introduce to you. This makes up our 3 P’s…
It’s called “Audio Presenter”. It’s for your social media and it’s vertical in size which we all know the magority of folks on social media are on the phones, so this takes up the most screen real estate!
– It has a picture of you so folks know who you are.
– It will also have a recorded personalized message from you.
– Around your image is whats called an audio waveform. It moves to the sound and pitch of your voice.
– To get a deep dive into why this works, visit the Audio Presenter page!

October 2023 – Two months in a row we are introducing our new video platforms. This one is called “Word Presenter”.
– This style of video is for your social media posts/ads.
– The magic of this is, its a video of you (or you can use on of our in-house human avatars) and the words you speak come alive inside the video.
– Go to our Word Presenter page and see how this style of social media video will get the engagement you want!

September 2023 – Our newest launch is here. We are proud to introduce our next platform called ‘Face Presenter’.
– Face Presenter is a vertical video placed on the lower corner of your website. This video, once clicked will enlarge and will have a video of you communicating whatever you’d like.
– The best part? Inside this video is interactive elements!
– To get a better understanding of how this video can help you and your site visitors… head over to our Face Presenter Page.

August 2023 – We are now finished with all our testing for our next launch. We’ll be going live this month. We are anxiously looking forward in showing you this service. All I can say currently is, it’ll bring more eyeballs to your videos!

July 2023 – For the last few months we’ve been aggressively beta testing our next launch. We are now alpha testing with clients.June 2023 – As per last month, we are still in beta mode. Please stand by.

May 2023 – Per our update last month, we are still in beta mode. We should be ready to lauch to the public later this month. This will be fun!

April 2023 – Well, we’re at it again. Our team is finishing up on all of our beta testers for our NEW platform roll-out. This is going to be HUGE!
– Our team has created a new category in the video creation space. Beta testing was very important to make sure, prior to our world launch, it does what it state it does. And… we are happy to report… it does!
– Are you curious yet? Glad to hear that. Stay tuned and we are looking forward in this launch!

March 2023 – We have been working behind the scenes tightening up some features and bugs. Prior to releasing anymore platforms or features on them, we needed to take some time and moare sure all is working as it should. So this month will be all about maintanance.

February 2023 – It’s that time of year again. For our clients that have been with us for some time, as well as to our NEW clients… we have our yearly ‘Thank You’ special offer. We have emailed you this offer. If you have not recieved our email, please go to our contact page and let us know… you want your Special Offer Email!
From us to you, we thank you and without you…. there would be NO us.

January 2023 – Well, 2022 despite all the challenges we all faced, it was a productive year for us. Between all the upgrades we made on existing platforms to new the new ones we launched, we are very excited to see what this year will bring!
We have several new services that will be introduced this year. They all are being either currently developed or being tested prior to rollout.
– The team at Pavcomm would like to thank you for your TRUST with using our services and hope they helped in some small or large way!


December 2022 – Well, this will be the last update post for this year. We’ve had a very productive year. We’ve added more features to existing platforms and added NEW platforms that enhance viewers retention and increase their engagement. We have even more plans in 2023 to help businesses like yourself.
BUT, none of this could be even possible without YOU! So, from our family to yours, we THANK YOU for allowing us to be a part of your growing business!
– Till Next Year!

November 2022 – The wait is over! We’re now able to unveil our NEWEST platform member. It’s called VidBotics.
With over 6 months of testing and over a dozen clients using it, we can safely state this is our ‘pièce de résistance’ in the video creation industry!
What is it? Well, we have interactive videos and we have walk-on stage avatars. If they both had a baby, it would be VidBotics. It combines the 2 greatest technology features that there is to date!
Click Here to find out More!


October 2022 – Okay, we are so excited about what we are about to unveil, we can hardly retain ourselves.
Let’s just say we have been working on this for a better part of a year. With dozens of real case users and and a ton of improvements, this is going to be HUGE!
We expect to go public by the end of this month. Please stay tuned….

September 2022 – We’ve been busy onboarding new clients as well as creating videos for them. So this month will see no new updates. That said, stay tuned to our upcoming announcements!

August 2022 – This month we will be focusing heavily on speeding up our Virtual Tour 360 as well as making backend adjustments to make sure your viewer get the very best experience possible.

July 2022 – We don’t have any new updates due to we are just making sure all of our newest services are working at peak performance. Stay tune for more!

June 2022 – Well, we’ve done it! After many years of wanting to create this, we finally took action.
What are we taking about?
We’ve created Talking Doodle Heads. That’s right! Now, you have the ability to have a talking head doodle in your video. Want to have a talking doodle head of yourself? We have that too!
They say seeing is believing, so why not head over to the page and see for yourself what this is and how it will benefit your business. CLICK HERE
Let us know what you think!

May 2022 – We have been working hard to enhance our Virtual 360 Tours platform. Be it quicker load times to more stable servers. We look forward in creating more features in the coming months.

April 2022 – As this month has a very special holiday, we’ve been hard at work for weeks creating Easter Holiday videos in many of our different ‘styles’.
Be it Scroll-Stoppers to Text Engagerr. So, if you’re looking for that something special video for this Easter Holiday, just contact us and let us know your needs! We’ll create a custom branded business video that will suite your needs.

March 2022 – We currently are working on our Virtual 360 Engagerr. As we mentioned last month, we are putting more time into it. Making sure it’s stable and fast loading. There are other items we are doing behind the scenes as well
– Look out for upcoming announcements as we will be launching another video platform that will help your business, but that is a bit down the road.

February 2022 – With all that has been going on in the world at this point, we are focused on making Virtual 360 Engagerr the best it can be. So this is why we are putting a lot more time, energy and money into this platform. More to come…

January 2022 – 2021 was a hard year for most businesses. With the uncertainty of Covid and all the changes that have taken place because of it, we created a platform (Virtual 360 Engagerr), that helped many businesses.
We will continue to lead the market in interactive videos, 360 tours and design videos that will engage your audience!


December 2021 – As it is the last month of the year, we wanted to thank each and every one of you. “THANK YOU” for allowing us to be a small part of your business growth. We appreciate the trust you give us!
– From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas.
– Until next year, stay safe and looking forward in all the new projects yet to come!

November 2021 – This year, we wanted to knock one out of the park with a FB/CM deal. After much discussion, we came up with a fantastic video package deal for ANY and ALL businesses. Take a look at:
We hope you like this deal!

October 2021 – Okay, here we go! We have a NEW service launch to tell you about.
It’s called Virtual 360 Engagerr. What is it? It’s for EVERY-SINGLE-BUSINESS! It’s a Virtual 360 Tour, but for the average business. We’re sure you’ve heard about Virtual 360 tours and they have been (and still are) primarily for either the Real Estate or hospitality industries. These types of platforms have taken off due to covid.
We sat back one day and wondered what we could do to help in the current climate. Are background is in business video creation and design, and thinking that if we could create a Virtual 360 Tour, but for the masses and load it with real features at a price point that makes since for everyone… that would be a win-win, right?
Well, we’ve done it. We went to work early in 2021 and over time and countless trial and errors, we’ve created the perfect platform for the business world. It checks off all the boxes we (and our real business testers) wanted.
Without further waiting, please take a look at what we’ve created. (Plus, we do have real active clients using this and with much success.


September 2021 – We have some very exciting news coming very soon. We are at the last of our beta and alpha testing and will be releasing news about this next month. You’ll be blown away, seriously!

August 2021 – We have been asked over and over again if we could enhance our Scroll-Stoppers so that there was NOT so much restrictions on them. You asked if we could do a DARK version as well as if there were more options for the ‘stopper’ side of the video.
– You asked, we created!
-Now we have the capibilities to do Light / Dark themes, but we now have full control over each element of the video.
– What does this mean for you? You can have a totally CUSTOM Scroll-Stopper! Check out the NEW version 2 now!

July 2021 – This month we are working on the Video Engagerr features. We have spotted a couple of minor bugs that we are correcting. These ‘bugs’ in no way will interfere with anything you are using this service for. It’s more a backend issue.
– We are looking forward in next months news and updates. We hope you are as well!

June 2021 – Yet another NEW enhancement in one of our services.
In the last serveral months, our ‘Music Visualizer’ has been gaining popularity. So, we will be making improvements so you’ll have more flexable choices of styles and designs.
– NOTE: our support team has had a lot of inquiries about ‘audiograms’. Yes, this is something we are working on currently behind the scenes and will announce the release as soon as possible.

May 2021 NEW UPDATE on Video Leverage Suite. We have found over the years that many businesses have had much success with ‘VLS’ due to its ease of use in the interactive video space. As technology improves we do as well. So we have done a ground-up overhaul to the platform as well as created many new features you asked for. So, with all the upgrades and updates we’ve done… we wanted to give it a face-lift in name as well. So, VLS is now Video Engagerr.
To find out more, just head over to the page by clicking:

April 2021 We are in beta currently for another upgrade announcement. Please stand by…

March 2021 MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: For whatever reason, Facebook has (with no warning) deleted the ability to use videos in their business pages for the cover.
– So with much regret, we have to stop all design work and any projects in the pipe-line, we will contact you and either refund you monies in full, or credit the total amount towards your next project. Your choice.
– We will be taking down from our site all mentions of this service. That said, if there is mention here or there, please disregard and all mentions will be removed shortly.
– NOTE: If they do bring it back and it works for all parties, we’ll add it back to our services.

February 2021 – We have had a lot of success stories with our TextVideoAds.
– So, we have done a major upgrade and we’ll be rebranding this platform.
– TextVideoAds is now Text Engagerr
– Let’s consider it version 2.0 on steroids
– With so many new enhancements, it’s too long to add here, os just head over to:

January 2021 – As the beginning of a new year starts, we will be releasing major updates to our product line. Stay Tuned!


December 2020 – To end this year off with a BANG, adding to what we were talking about last month, how about adding YOU as the taking head doodle narrator! That’s correct. We can customize YOUR headshot and have it immortalized as a doodle character. Then that character can narrate your doodle video!
– To learn more, just contact us with your needs and we can discuss your needs.
We wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season.
– Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your business needs!

November 2020 – We have now released our newest feature in our Doodle Whiteboard style video.
We are now able to incorporate a doodle talking head. That’s right, a talking head. Use one of our male and/or female doodle heads. Supply us the voiceover and we will sync it to the doodle talking head. Imagine what now can be created! Have your video be narrated by your voiceover or one you had made.
This will not be posted on our site till around mid next year. So…
To find out more, just contact us your needs and we will provide you with a sample.

October 2020 – Within a matter of a week or so, we’ll unveil what we’ve been working on. Sit tight…

September 2020 – We’ve been working on adding more ways you can have a whiteboard doodle video which will engage your viewers but at the same time, tell a story and have them watch it till the end.

August 2020 – Last month we spoke about a new upcoming launch, well this month we want to talk about yet another launch. This is NOT a new ‘style’ of a video, but rather an enhancement of a current style.
– We will be revealing our NEW enhancement/feature within a couple of months. Once you see what we can provide, you’ll be blown away! STAY TUNED!

July 2020 – It’s reveal time! (We really like revealing new styles of videos)
– Welcome  ‘Music Visualizer’ style videos. This one is kinda hard to explain. Once you see it, you’ll understand why. Imagine having a video that moves to the sound of the audio. This will absolutely blow your mind and your viewers WILL be MESMERIZED!
– Visit: and see for yourself!

June 2020 – We have just added more ‘Scroll Stopper’ style videos to our line-up. From the emails we’ve received and the conversations we’ve had, the Scroll Stopper’s have been a big hit. Not only have they stopped viewers scrolling in their feed, but it seems that this is for sure eyeball glue. We’ll keep designing them for you!

May 2020 – Okay, so we’ve been creating our next big reveal in our line-up of different styles of videos. This has been in the works since last November. We are just months away from our reveal. This is going to be a game changer! STAY TUNED!

April 2020 – We have been behind the scenes improving our ‘Video Leverage Suite’ platform. You spoke and we listened. Over the course of this year, we will be overhauling the entire platform. Any and all clients that are on VLS currently, once version 2 is released, it will be a seamless transition. You will NOT loose any content. You will be grandfathered in and whatever plan you’re on in version 1, the price will remain the same. BUT, if you decide to add any features, this will be considered an upgrade and will be charged accordingly. STAY TUNED…this will be epic!

March 2020 – Last month we spoke about having a video on your homepage of your site. This month we’d like to touch upon what it should and shouldn’t be.
– Your video should NOT be long
– Your video should NOT be information overload (too much, too quick)
– Your video should NOT be hosted on YouTube (due to the fact that they have too many distractions, your viewer may BOUNCE off your site, and go to your competition!) We will be discussing this more in detail in the months ahead.
– Your video should be short, and to the point
– Your video should highlight your business but NOT sell your business
– Your video should Entertain and Engage the viewer
– Your video should be the shinning star on your homepage. What we mean is you NEED to have a splash image (custom thumbnail, which comes infront of the video). This is an image that they see. Once they CLICK that image, your video will play. This is one of the single most important item that gets overlooked. We will discuss this in a lot more detail in the upcoming months.

February 2020 – This month we wanted to touch upon a question a client had. The question was about your business website and having a video on the homepage. Is it a good or bad idea?
– Without getting too much involved about websites, be it WordPress, Wix or any of the CRM’s out there for your site, it is critical that you ‘DO’ have a video on your homepage. WHY? No matter how your visitor gets to your site, more than likely the first page they will land on is your homepage. With so much information out there on the internet, people are NOT reading (websites) like they used it. They want, or should we say, demand quick access to your information. If they have to hunt it down, they will more than likely BOUNCE, (leave your site). If there is a video on the homepage, more than 82% of the time, they will watch it.
– Next month, we will dive into the type of video you should and shouldn’t have.

January 2020 –Well, the new year is here and we are very excited for what is to come. We are at the conference room table, coming up with new and powerful styles of videos we can design so you will have the most current, robust and powerful video that will engage your viewers.


December 2019 –Well the year is coming to an end and a new year will be here soon. We want to thank everyone for your trust and allowing us to create powerful and special videos for your business. Without you, there would be no us, so from our family to yours, THANK YOU!
We are looking forward in creating more different style videos to help your business in the new year.

November 2019 –We have offically released our newest member to our Video Style Lineup. It’s called ‘Scroll Stopper’. This ‘style’ video is used in FB posts. They have a 3D style to them. The 3D effect makes an asset appear to POP UP off the screen.
Why do you NEED these? Great question! With so many videos, gifs and images in one’s feed, you need to get their EYE BALLS to focus on your business.
If just for a few seconds, they STOP scrolling, watch your Scroll Stopper video, then you have their attention. Let the message of the video work for you!
Go visit our Scroll Stopper page and see how it will make a positive  impact in your social media marketing!

October 2019 – In the last part of the month, we’ll be releasing our newest video style called ‘Scroll Stopper’. These videos will definitely have your viewers ‘stopping’ and ‘watching’ this style of video…. They will not be scrolling past it. Look out for our notice banner on the top of the site pages… Let us know what you think! More great styles coming soon.

September 2019 – Social Media has been and still is truly a fantastic platform to showcase your business, if done correctly. This means you need to not only understand each one of the platforms, but know how to correctly use them. There is NO single better methodology in marketing in those platforms then by using VIDEO. Video is the single biggest consumed form of marketing, period. We as a company may not totally understand social media, but we do know how to create powerful and engaging videos that your viewers will watch. From Doodle videos to square and verticals, we can design a video that your viewers WILL watch and watch till the end. See what we can create for you today!

August 2019 In the first quarter of this year, we spoke about upcoming services. Did did not forget to tell you where we’re at, but we’ve been in the backroom making sure everything is working correctly and beta testing and then more beta testing. We want to get this right when we introduce our new service to the world….stay tune for more…..(it should not be much longer)

July 2019 – One question we do seem to get a lot is how can we best use videos in our website.
– That is a very good question. If you think about how viewers consume data in today’s world, we are on mobile more than our desktops. So if we’re on this little hand held device, we need to keep our content as precise as possible so they will read it.
– More over, viewers tend to watch videos more than read text.
– So, if you have a well created video pertaining to the subject at hand, and it is short in viewable size (best practice is less than 90 seconds), then they will prefer to watch the video than read text.
– This is where we come in. Once we understand the nature of your video content, we design an engaging video that viewers will watch and watch till the end. Whereas a lot of videos stop there, we make sure that you have a call-to-action where needed, so they know the next steps to take.
For more information on how you can have a great video that gets watched, visit some of our video pages and see for yourself how we can benefit your business.

June 2019 – We are noticing that more and more clients are asking about Social Media videos and how well they work. We can only say this…. we’ve found that a well designed video receives MORE views and conversions than text and images! We can create normal sized, square and virtual videos for your social media needs. So what we can provide for you, be it doodle, explainer, promotional or anything in between!

Want about our upcoming services? We are still in Beta and so far… all is looking good. More to come.

May 2019 – Beta testing Updates, we have found a few bugs and working to solve the issues we’ve found. So, so far, so good. We’ll keep you updated

April 2019 – Per our comments the last couple of months, we are working on a couple of new services to provide you. They are still currently in the Beta stage. We will be releasing more information soon.

March 2019 – We have been servicing our clients and will resume turning our attention to our beta testing.  

February 2019 – We are working on a couple of NEW services. They both in the beginning stages of Beta and currently we are road testing. So far, both are working as desired. We should be introducing them mid-year or so.. We are very excited about both of these and looking to adding them to our product and services line up. More information to follow.

January 2019 – Another year and we are still innovating new ways to use videos. We are in our final stages in our next launch. It will be later this month. All we’re going to say is you asked and we listened. We will be able to provide fantastic ‘value’ (hint, hint). If you have any questions prior to this launch, let us know.


December 2018 – We have launched our NEWEST Service, Text Video Ads. This is a first to market, revolutionary NEW technology for videos. Do you have a smartphone? (We know you do). Do you text with it? (We’re sure your do). Now imagine if you could create a video that mimics text messaging. Well…we’ve done it! To find out more about this NEW Powerful technology, CLICK HERE

November 2018 – We have a few announcements:
(1) We are updating all of our image/video galleries to more current ones that will work with the upcoming WordPress 5.0. In the meantime, we have added the images/videos one-by-one so there is NOT a full suite of them to view currently. We have
added enough for you to view a good sample of them. So, wherever you see a gallery, please keep this in mind. Once we have secured a reliable gallery host, we will convert to that one. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us here. CLICK HERE
(2) We are upgrading / modifying our Video leverage Suite still. Once we are finished, we’ll be adding back the videos with full explanations of the new features. If you have any questions in the meantime, contact us by CLICKING HERE
(3) We’re working on a NEW video service. We should be ready to launch the 1st part of December. Once you see what we are creating in the video marketing space, you will agree that it’s first to market. Say Tuned!

October 2018 – Around the 4th week of the month, we’ll be updating our Video Leverage Suite videos. If you see a image placeholder where a video should be, then you’ll know we are working on updating it’s features. Once done, the image placeholder will be taken down and the video will be added. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has on you viewing the service. It is one of those necessary business decisions we had to do. Once we’ve updated ALL of those videos, you’ll see just how POWERFUL this service truly is to your business.  

September 2018We are working on more features in a couple of our services. Stay tuned for more.

August 2018 – We’re still working on more doodle video styles. That said, we have created some square videos in non-doodle style. To see some of them… you can visit our FB business page. This will give you an idea on what we can do in the non-doodle style of videos. You can click here to view them: CLICK HERE
– We will be adding the doodle square style to our site soon (as well as the ones on our FB page)

July 2018 – We are working on more Doodle Video styles. Since Social Media is so predominant in business, we are creating ways to format whiteboard doodle videos for these mediums. We are going to be offering Square and Vertical sizes to our lineup. Be on the lookout for these soon!

June 2018 – For this month we are looking to add more FB Business Video Covers to our lineup as well as we have started to discuss internally about a new video product. There has been a few inquires about this and we have never gave it much thought. It is now on the communication burner and if we move forward, we’ll let you know.

May 2018 – “WOW, thank you!” That is about all we can say. We’ve had an overwhelming response to our new addition, FB Business Video Covers. We have been asked several times about more options. We will be posting more, but think of it this way. We can create both templated and totally custom video covers. So, as time goes by, we will be expanding our template base to show more diversity. Again, thank you for the positive feedback.

April 2018 – We have a couple of announcements:
– First, we were asked some time ago if we could create Facebook Video Covers. They have certain restrictions. They are ONLY able to be used on Business FB Pages, as well as they need to be a certain size and time frame….Well, we are happy to announce that we NOW offer Business Facebook Video Covers! These videos are branded with your business logo, and most any information you want to relay. They come in different ‘styles’ and with each, you can have videos inside the video as well as images. Take a look and see how these video covers will enhance your business page. CLICK HERE to see.
– Next, we are working on a Video Membership Club. What is this? Well, we now and understand that video is instrumental in growing ones business. We also know that purchasing multiple videos can sometimes be cost prohibitive. So, we are arranging a way that you can join our ‘club’ and for a monthly fee, we will produce ‘X’ amount of custom videos for you. They will have an ‘Intro’ and ‘outro’ custom branding using our 3D Logo Animation. Currently we are putting together all the necessary information and once completed, we will be adding it to our line-up. Stay tuned for this big announcement!

March 2018 – Okay, We are done beta testing and are now adding a new video service to our line-up. With this service, it will take your business to a new level. Stay tuned!

February 2018 – We are working on a couple of new video services that are currently in the Beta stage. We will be keeping you updated. We’re very excited on these new services.

January  2018 – It’s a new year. With this in mind, we will be expanding our product line with new and exciting video services. We thank all of our clients for entrusting us with your business videos.


December 2017 – Wow, it’s the last month of the year. Time sure does fly by. We are almost ready to roll out our newest video product. We will be releasing it the first quarter (or sooner) of next year. We are always looking or methods of improving our services and from all of us to you…. thank you for your trust and business this year. We are looking forward to providing you even more features and benefits for your business videos. Happy Holidays to one and all! Till next year….

November 2017 – We’re still in beta testing with our newest video product. Stay tune!

October 2017 – Okay, we know we’ve been a bit quite the last few months, but as usual, we have been working behind the scenes to produce yet another video product that will enhance your website as well as retain more visitors. lets just say that we’re going to be incorporating something you probably already have (or at least you should have) on your website and turn it into a visual masterpiece that your viewers will see and respond favorably to. We’ll be rolling this new addition out by November….stay tuned!

September 2017As we are moving to the end of yet another year, we wanted to thank you for entrusting us to help in your business. Without you, there is NO us. We look forward in bringing you MORE tools for your business video needs.

August 2017Well, we have been working on more features on a couple of out products. We’ll be relieving more soon.

July 2017 – We are working on more features for both VidPresenter as well as other video call-to-actions. Stay tuned!

June 2017 – Per our quest to make VidPresenter even better, we have added 12 more avatars (real and cartoon avatars) to our line-up. We have waiting in the wings over 4 dozen total more that we’ll be adding. We thank you for all your support. Remember, if you have any questions, just contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have.

May 2017 – Well, our roll out of VidPresenter was a smashing success. Thank you for all the comments. Per your requests, we’ll be working on more avatars for you…Stay tuned.

April 2017 – By now, we guess you figured out what we were talking about last month. It’s called ‘VidPresenter’ and now you can see what we have been working on for months. VidPresenter is a website video avatar that creates a call to action. You may of heard of talking persons or website walk on video, well… we have created the premier version. Why? well… it just made sense. After all, we create explainer and spokesperson videos, why not create a method for businesses to add these to their website in a must creative way as well as incorporate doodle videos as well! BUT, we need not just to create these with transparent backgrounds and have them appear on a website page, but also include call-to-action elements like a pop-up button, opt-in forms  and so much more. Now you can add a custom video avatar to your business website and let your viewers know about you and guide them where to go next. Find out more by CLICKING HERE!

March 2017 – Okay, we are almost ready to reveal our new program. All we’re going to say right now is that it involves videos and your business website. We have a call-to-action service that will be seen and heard. Say tune…

February 2017 – We are working on something new. Our pledge to you is that we’ll create programs/services that truly innovates and creates call-to-action elements. We will keep this under wraps for now…

January 2017 – As the new year begins, we are excited to see what we can provide you in the creation of call-to-action services. We’ll keep on the cutting edge of our industry technology and support you in the success of your business. Lets see what we can cook up for the year!


December 2016 – Since this is the last month of the year, we want to reflect on this year and how honored we are that you have entrusted your business with us either in the mobilization of your website or your business videos. We will continue to add features to our existing products and add products that will create a real call-to-action for your business. We at Pavcomm thank you all!

November 2016 – Per our posting last month, we have been working on a new service in our video platform. It is first-of-kind and we’ll give you a hint. If you use this ‘platform’ in your business marketing, you’ll really want to see what we can do for your videos! Lets just say…. it’s for Call-to-Action’s and it will BLOW your mind! Stay tuned… we should be releasing this by months end. As always, we at Pavcomm thank you for business and we strive to provide you the very best in mobile website and video services to increase your bottom-line. We always put our best foot forward in state-of-the-art technology to be the leader and not a follower in these two industries.

October 2016 – We are looking to add yet another product into our Video line-up. Stay tuned.

September 2016 – We wanted to make a note in our updates about our 3D animated logos. We’ve have some questions about them. -First… yes, you can add these to your existing videos. You will need a video editing software to do this. If you have a current video on YouTube and you want to add a 3D logo to it, just remember that with YouTube, if you add an intro or an outro, you will loose your existing placement and views. The best call of action is to add these before you upload it to YouTube.
-Second, Yes… we can create a custom business video for you in one of the styles (click here for our options). We then will ‘add’ your 3D animation of choice to that video so you can place it on YouTube as well as other forms of your marketing platforms.
-Finally, we’ve been asked if we can ‘add’ your 3D animated logo to your existing video, and the answer is yes. There will be a surcharge for this and you can contact us for more information on this.

August 2016 – We are adding more and more 3D Animated Logo Videos to our gallery. We thank you for the tremendous support on our newest line of services to help you gain more conversions using videos. Logos, Intros, Overlays, lower thirds along with social media will be added in the weeks and months to come.  If you have not seen what we’re talking about, CLICK HERE to see our Hollywood style 3D animated logo videos to add to your business videos.

July 2016 – Well, we have now created a Hollywood style 3D Animated Logo and Intros to our services. You’ve been asking if we could create a simple way of you picking out a ‘style’ and we adding it to your design. We now offer you a way to incorporate these Hollywood style animations into our creative process in designing your video. Add an animated logo as your opener, then add ‘transition’ overlays throughout your video. At the end, you can either include one of our outros or end it with another 3D animation. Hey… think about this, we can even use an image you have. Think about ALL the possibilities!  Click Here and see what we can do in-house for you!

June 2016 – We’ll, we’ve officially are releasing ONE of our new services. Head on over to Coming Soon link. It’s Social Media Image Redirect. If your business is on any Social Media platform, you NEED to stop what your doing and see what this is. It will take your Social Media to the next level. We bet you’ve never seen anything like this before. This is the most POWERFUL call-to-action services that you’ve seen!

May 2016 – We After last month’s post, we have received numerous emails on what we are cookin’ over here that is in Beta testing. Well, all we can say is “Stay Tuned”

April 2016 – We are still in Beta testing with some of our upcoming projects. All we can say at this moment, is that one of our NEW services is almost done with Beta testing and we’ll be reveling it shortly. We’ve embarked in a project that you’ve never seen before. It’s taken videos to a level that is truly a game-changer! Have we peeked your interest yet? GOOD…. Just know that it has to do with video and cell phones. STAY TUNE!

March 2016 – We’ve had some clients write in and told us that they are seeing an increase in customer acquisition due to us creating custom videos for them and they placed them on the website’s homepage as well as YouTube. We just want to acknowledge them…. you’re more then welcome! As for us, we have been creating some updates and new features that have been in the ‘Beta Stage’ and once we are ready to unveil them, we will post it here as well as if you’ve signed up for our newsletter, we’ll be letting you know from there. If you have NOT signed up for our newsletter yet, it’s never too late, just CLICK HERE

February 2016 – We have been behind the scenes working on keeping our current product lines up to date as well as working on some updates. Stay tuned!

January 2016 – First, all of us at Pavcomm, wish you a very happy and Prosperous 2016. We’ll keep this short. Over the past year, we’ve had over a hundred support tickets about a topic that (we must admit) we knew very little about. BUT… after over 2 months of research and months of beta testing, we have put into place a one-of-a-kind service that we truly believe will increase your calls which in turn increase your sales. This was a bit out of our wheel house, but it’s turned into a fantastic service which we know you’ll use and prosper from. We will be unveiling mid-month. Stop back and see for yourself what our team has done. You too will say… “WOW”!


December 2015 – As 2015 is near the end, we at Pavcomm truly thank each and every one of our clients for entrusting us with helping your business in whatever way we could. As 2016 is approaching, we have even bigger plans to insure the success in your business. With adding the newest features to our existing line-up to creating NEW and POWERFUL services to complement what we already have. 2016 will prove to be a banner year in helping businesses maximize the power of mobile and video creation marketing! Again, we thank you for your trust!

November 2015 – We are working on a NEW program where you can add Click-to-Call, Click-to-Email, Click-to-Text and Click-to-Google Map right inside your YouTube Video. Just think about this for a moment…. You have a video posted on YouTube. While a viewer is watching your video, there is a pop-up that says “Click-to-Call” and when they click on it with there mobile phone, your phone number shows up on the phone and they can quickly call you! That is a POWERFUL call-to-action….right? Well, this is now possible. Think of the possibilities!!! October 2015 – Since our initial roll-out of our YouTube Animated Video Outros in August, we’ve had overwhelming response to them. We have been adding to our list of video outros, and now we’re introducing Whiteboard Doodle Animated Video Outros! Our Whiteboard Doodle videos have been a big success and now we’re able to add a video outro to the end of them. Since they are viewed to the end, now you have that Call-to-Action after they view it!

September 2015 – As you know, video is very important, and in Google’s world, king! So we are going to be continuing to build upon our video arsenal. We have created a way for you to have a customized video with many call-to-actions and we’ll keep building on that. But, in the near future, we will be constructing a platform that will make your video not only POWERFUL in many aspects, but will be able to take those videos and rank them on Google’s and YouTube’s index for 1st page rankings! If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact us via our online form on the contact us page.

August 2015 – Ever watch a YouYube video and at the end of that video, it shows other videos that are NOT yours, but your competitors? Wish that you could do something about it? Well, now you can! We have created what are call YouTube Video Outro’s. What is that? Well it goes at the end of your video, and has clear and concise call-to-actions. But we’ve taken it one step further. We have created and designed ‘ANIMATED’ video outro’s. These are unique in that there are animations going on, that create interest for your viewer, and then shows them call-to-actions, whether it be subscribing to your YouTube Channel, going to your social media page or your business website. We create a custom outro with your branding that is a powerful way to end your video that is on YouTube. NO MORE having YouTube directing your viewers to another video that is NOT users. To find out more, CLICK HERE!

July 2015 – We have been behind the scenes working on more ‘add-on feature’ capabilities with our Whiteboard Doodle Videos. We are still in Beta, but will be releasing the updated ‘Features’ this month. You will NOT believe what we are going to be able to do with Whiteboard Doodle Videos! These new features will elevate doodle videos to a whole new level. As we say, we’re the leaders in this industry, NOT the followers! Stay Tuned!

June 2015 – Since opening up our Explainer Video ‘themed’ versions, we have had a lot of inquires about adding more in the library. Our design team has started creating more themed versions which we are excited about. We’ll be rolling them out soon. We’ll be adding a lot more all purpose videos that will compliment a variety of styles. Anywhere from character to animated styles. In the meantime, you can go to and add your ‘wish-list’ to the form on the bottom of the page. We hope that you see the benefits of using this style video and how it will impact your business.

May 2015 – We are almost into the mid-year and while we have been adding more and more features to both our Mobile and Video platforms, we had to take a step back and see were we can go to next. We are always listening to our clients and what they would want from us. With this in mind, we NEVER want to be complacent with our business. We strive to always be the trend setter and NOT the follower in our industry. That is why we will be diligent in adding even more features to our platforms. As we do, we’ll be letting you know. We feel confident that as we move forward in this year, Pavcomm will be the benchmark within our industry. That means you, our clients, will have the BEST possible mobile and video platform that there is…period!

April 2015 – We have been working for almost 6 months on putting together a special Real Estate Agent/Broker package and we have been slowly rolling it out. Well, as of the middle of last month, we’ve officially launched ‘RE Mobilized Listing.’ This single property listing package will help ALL agents/brokers in the marketing of a listing. Using ‘RE Mobilized Listing’, will facilitate a quicker sale time due to ALL prospects/clients will be able to see that listing in a more user-friendly methodology. To find out more, CLICK HERE

March 2015 – We thank you for all the positive feedback we received on all our updates this first quarter of the year. We will be continuing to make updates on our Mobile Sites as well as all of our Videos. If you have any requests for future updates, feel free to visit our contact us form as submit your requests. If we have enough clients that would like your suggestion, we’ll be adding it to our upcoming list.

February 2015 – For our Custom Mobile Websites, we have added some fantastic new updates! Online Forms… we now include a ‘form file upload‘ feature as well as a Date and Time field. You can now have the ability to accept videos, images and documents that can be uploaded on your mobile website form directly to your email. Think of the possibilities! Plus, we’ve added both Constant Contact and MailChimp as CRM’s that sync to our ‘leave a message’ form. We hope that by adding these 3 new features, it will not only help your business, but help with better communications with your prospects and clients. To find out more on these new features, click here.

January 2015 – As of the new year, we have re-designed our website in hopes that you can better navigate to your page of choice better. We have a cleaner layout as well as we’re adding more content. We hope in this new year, we can add more features to our product line to enhance the call-to-actions!


December 2014 – Let’s talk about Whiteboard Doodle Videos. We have made drastic improvements, enhancing the features we can offer you. We now have the ability to add motion video backgrounds to your Whiteboard Doodle Videos. We can take your video you have, and create doodle style drawings on it. We can add sound effects on the backgrounds as well as we can add ‘.gif’ images. These images have movement, creating a WOW factor for your viewers. Imagine taking a whiteboard doodle video, adding a video background with movable images. That’s taking this style video to the next level! To find out more on this, CLICK HERE PLUS….we’ve added what we call CTA shorts. They are short 30 second doodle videos that have a call-to-action. CLICK HERE to find out more and view them.

November 2014 – We understand that some of our requests referenced the fact that they wanted and needed a mobile website, but did not want all the robust features that we include. We listened and came up with a fantastic ‘Themed’ version. These are professional and custom mobile websites. Think of it as a ‘lite’ version of what we offer. We have built 5+ themed styles that we can build to suite your needs. We can brand them with your color of choice as well as include the important information you’ll need to connect with your viewers. They are beautiful in design and we’re sure that if you are looking for a professional mobile website that includes images, videos and content with a flare of style that others do not have, we have you covered. Check them out today and see if one of these ‘themed’ templates will work for you. REMEMBER… in today’s world of technology, one must have a mobile website and we at Pavcomm can create a Fully customized or now a themed version for your business needs at a price that you can afford!

October 2014 – Last month, we rolled out a few new items in our product line. One which was ‘Video leverage Suite’. We have a lot of inquires about how this service would benefit you, the business owner, along with a host of other questions. To start off with, if you don’t know by now that ‘video’ is where it’s at, well…anyways, it is. You need short, concise videos that viewers will watch till the end and make sure that they are entertained! Folks now days are very busy and have a very, very short attention span. So the video you have on your website and social media better capture them. But….then what? Do you really think after they watch your video, they’ll then review your website? Since they are watching your video, why not have YOUR call-to-actions playing in the video. Be it a link to your sales page, a contact us page, or where ever you would like them to go after they see the video. YOU can now control where your viewers go after the video is done (or even while the video is playing). Think of it this way, It takes a lot to get someone on your business website, right? It even is harder to keep them there, right? Well, if there was a way that you could present them with a “WOW” video (we can provide that) and instead of them watching the video and saying to themselves something like…”that was entertaining and informative”… then leaving and thinking “I’ll get back to them” which you know they don’t do most of the time…. we have a way to ‘guide’ them to your call-to-action information you want them to see or know about while they are on your video! It’s the classic “keep’em there while you got them” idea…. That is what ‘Video Leverage Suite’ can do for you. Its another piece of marketing in your arsenal. There are dozens of features in the service and to find out which of them best suites your needs, why not contact us and find out how beneficial Video Leverage Suite can be for your bottom-line!

September 2014 – We have added 2 new services to our product line. The first is Colorized QR Codes. How you have have multiple QR Codes to match your branding. We have over 10 custom features. Next we offer you a YouTube Channel Art. You may not know this, but as of June of this year, YouTube is NOW the largest Social Media Site. They passed Facebook! So you sure want to have a branded YouTube Channel. Channel Art is now a bit more complex then it was just a few short months ago. Now you have to create your channel art to ‘fit’ all devices. Not to worry, we have taken care of that. When we create / design your art work, we’ll submit to you a rendering that includes ALL devices, so you’ll be able to see what it will look like across ALL devices. DON’T waste time and money figuring out how to create this, let Pavcomm do it for you!

August 2014 – We have had many clients ask us over the last several months about how to maximize the potential of the videos we create for them. That is a great question. So now you have fantastic video on your business website and/or for Facebook page. You get more viewers watching them to the end, but how can you get better call-to-actions? We have solved that problem. Weeks from now, we’ll be introducing a NEW product that will blow you away. Imagine if you could have clickable links over-laid on your video. These ‘links’ then could be linked to what-ever page you’d want. You could even stop the video at want ever point you want and have a screen pop-up for them to add there email to view the rest of the video. Have all your social sites that have links on the video as it plays. We are introducing a product with a host of features that will truly take your video to the next level. PLUS….we’ll be introducing 2 other products. One will be our Comic Strip style whiteboard doodle video and the other will be a wild type of video. It will have talking characters with moving months speaking what is being heard. This you’ll have to see and hear. both of these style videos will not only captivate your viewers, but you can be the first to have these types of videos. DON’T let your competitors bet you to the punch! LOOK OUT FOR THESE 3 NEW ADD-ONS TO OUR PRODUCT COLLECTION. THEY WILL BE COMING SOON, check back to see if they are posted!

July 2014 – Over the year, we have added more styles of videos to help you promote and sell your company. NOW…for the first time, we are taking Whiteboard Doodle Animated Videos to the next level. We are going to be releasing “Comic Strip” style Whiteboard Doodle Videos. That’s right, Comic Strip. You’ve seen them newspapers for almost 100 years. Pavcomm thought why not create these style comic strips in whiteboard doodle videos? After a long process, we will be adding this style to our portfolio so you can take advantage of it. Now, you can be assured you viewers will be so taken back that they will do 2 things. One is watch your custom comic strip whiteboard doodle video to the end, and reach out and contact you! Look for it this month and be the first business that will blow away your competition!

June 2014 – Pavcomm has got a new face lift. We have updated our website! We hope that it makes it easier for you to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

May 2014 – About Videos – Two or even one year ago, content was king… written content! But today, people watch more videos online than ever. In fact, videos in search results have a 41% higher click through rate than text results. That means if you want to create revenue from your website, it’s really simple, you need to focus on video content. THAT’S where we come in. We have videos that will capture your viewers attention and your message will be known! About our Mobile Solutions – Over time we’ve reached out to you and asked what you wanted in a mobile solution. We where glad (and a bit surprised) how many chimed in and truly gave us answers. Many mentioned that our Mobile Solution Package filled a void and now are reaping the rewards in the mobile website arena. We listened to what you said. We are proud to announce that in the weeks and months to come, we’ll be adding some NEW features to our Mobile Solutions. – Wider Selection of Icons and Tabs – Mobile Sliders – Updated Coupon feature with ability to upload UPC or QR Code on Coupon – Wider selection of fonts and improved text editing software – Constant Contact feature This are just some of the ‘features’ that we’ll be adding to our ROBUST list of current features!

April 2014 – We have received a lot of inquires about our mobile website solutions and our mobile landing pages. The question is, what’s the real difference? In a short answer, the mobile website solution is where a business has a full-blown mobile website that has a call-to-action, a mobile app that one can place on their mobile device and a QR Code for marketing. Whereas a mobile landing page is a one or two page mobile site. It will have it’s homepage with a coupon, video or some call-to-action and another page where one can have their information of choice. Mobile Landing Pages are for businesses that do not have a desktop website, or even if you do. Hey, even if you have a mobile website, you should have a mobile landing page, why? Well, this will be a short call-to-action. Say if your doing a monthly or quarterly special, why not get a mobile landing page, and direct viewers to it? There is NO clutter of information. It is straight forward and very user friendly. For more information about mobile websites or mobile landing pages, click our links to find out more.

March 2014 – Over the last month, we’ve had a lot of inquires about our NEW product, Video Wrapper CTA. This product has the ability to provide your videos a TRUE call-to-Action. You can brand it with your logo, add links and even are able to stop the video in the beginning, middle or end, and create another call-to-action before they watch to remaining video. This product is a game-changer in the way one sees videos as a way to capture visitors and converts them into leads…or…clients! Find our more about this product, you’ll be glad you did!

February 2014 – Our new production of videos are here! They include Character and Industry Specific videos. Each one, will contain custom branding for your business. We also introduced the Mobile landing Page. Great for businesses that want to have a mobile version of their promotions. Hey, why not check out our Video Wrapper CTA? This will make your videos have a true Call-to-Action!

January 2014 –We at Pavcomm wish you a very prosperous 2014. In this, a new year, we have added some very special products that will enhance your viewer conversion ratio. For more information about what we have created to ‘WOW’ your prospects and clients as well as make your job of conversion a bit more simple.

2013 (some outdated)

December 2013 – As this year is winding down, we wanted to be the innovators and not the followers, so we have been Beta testing a new product to launch this month that will truly help you in your marketing efforts. Just imagine having a branded market tool that you personalize and that captures your prospects attention and has a call-to-action. This will be a deal breaker in the industry. If you want to find out about it and be the 1st in your industry to own it, contact us before the roll-out!

November 2013 – As the year comes to the end, and consumers are gearing up for the holiday shopping, no matter what your business is, whether its a product, service or goods, consumers are using their mobile devices to shop. We are all busy this time of year, and when consumers are looking on their mobile devices for something, you, and a business owner needs to make sure that your website IS mobile friendly, or if someone views your site and it’s not, it’s must likely that they will leave your site and move on. They need a site that is thumb friendly (we’re not talking about those Responsive mobile site designs), fast loading and they need to find what their looking for quickly. Make sure your site (mobile design) is clear of clutter and you have a call-to-action. If you are looking to have a clean / quick load / and over all powerful mobile website, contact us and we’ll make sure that consumers have a great experience on your mobile site. >>>NOTE: As of the end of the end, we at Pavcomm will NO LONGER be providing ‘DIY’ build for our mobile sites. This has come about due to several issues. We always look out for the best interest of not only our clients but our clients visitors as well. Any of our clients that have ‘DIY’ currently will be grandfathered in and will continue to have the ability to Do-it-Yourself build for your mobile websites. We all at Pavcomm thank you for your understanding and will continue to provide excellent customer service in building mobile websites for your business. This in no way will reflect our continued ability to create superior mobile websites that will provide you a platform for success!

October 2013 – When choosing a company to create and design your business mobile website, you have to keep in mind that not only do you want it to look professional, but incorporate your branding. Be careful when you choose a company. Do they use cookie-cutter methods and/or do they use responsive design? We create each mobile website to suite our client. We make sure not only to create with your branding and content in mind, but also your visitors in mind. We want them to get the content they are looking for quickly and easily with a call-to-action. When this happens……you get more leads. What is important to you…getting more leads or not?

September 2013 – Remember that when you decide to go mobile with your website, you take in consideration your visitors point of view. It needs to load quick, easy navigation for their thumbs, a call to action as well as content that drives them to want to contact you. Most responsive designs (plugins) are viewable via mobile device, BUT there NOT so user friendly to use. Those ‘tabs’ are too close and one’s ‘thumb’ cannot tap it with ease. That’s why using an icon appearance is not only a great visual factor, BUT it truly is a thumb friendly way to show your mobile viewers that you are thinking of them! We support icon appearance and have a powerful way to show your business in the mobile arena. See how we can take your business to the mobile world!

August 2013 – We have now added Mobile Business Cards. Have you ever ran out of business cards? Have you ever gave your business card to someone and wondered if they were going to keep it? NOW, you can have a mobile business card. What is it? Well, its a personal mobile website that has your personal and business information on it. It comes with a QR Code as well as a mobile app that one can ‘bookmark’ on their mobile device. To find out more, visit our website page on mobile business cards. NEVER RUN OUT AGAIN! WOW YOUR CLIENTS!

July 2013 – Last month we officially released our Whiteboard Doodle Video Production. Now you can have your own doodle video for a fraction of the cost out there. How can we do this? Well, to be candied, we just can! Doodle videos work, due to the impact it has on your viewers. A short video that engages and entertains. If you can have your message watched and viewers remember it, that is what a video suppose to do. Those 5 minute videos that are a big production, well, they don’t work and when was the last time you sat down and watched a 7 minute video about a business pitch? Do you remember one? Find out how you can have a doodle video created for your business. We understand that people don’t retain the written word and using doodle videos makes people remember!

June 2013 – We are working on something to increase your WOW factor for your prospects and clients. Stay tuned!

May 2013 –Think about how your website viewers see your site. If they have to ‘pinch’ their device to view your information, it’s NOT a good experience for them. There are cheap ways to make your site better for the mobile community, but if you truly want them to embrace your business, you need to be able to provide them a user-friendly experience. We have the ability for you to create a powerful mobile experience using the latest technology for the mobile devices. Plus….we have the mobile app that comes with our package. This app is like a bookmark on steroids. If you research all the companies selling mobile websites, compare what they offer then see how much VALUE we offer.

April 2013 – This month we’re working on a couple of features for our Mobile Solutions. We are going to be adding a couple of new features. We at Pavcomm are always working behind the scenes to create a powerful mobile solution that is user friendly as well as feature robust.

March 2013 – We’ve been receiving requests to increase the number of locations in our “Complete” mobile options package, we listened and we just increased our “Complete” mobile options package locations from 5 to 15. Wow…now you can add all of your locations to your mobile website. For those of you that wanted to use our DIY Mobile Solutions, but you had more than 5 locations, we are pleased to announce that you now can. If you have any questions, please contact our support team. (We’re here to serve you better.)

March 2013 – We have rolled out our Beta testing on our new feature for our Mobile Solutions. We will be announcing this feature soon. If you have not seen that we have a superior mobile solution with our 3 products in 1, and that our mobile website is vastly more comprehensive then companies charging $100.00’s if not $1,000.00’s of dollars more to even get to our level of not only expertise, but our robust solutions, then wait and see what we’re up to next!

February 2013 – We have some added features that we are working on and they have been in Beta stage and will be rolling out this month, so please stop back soon. We strive to make the products we offer the best by providing robust features.

January 2013 – Well, the new year is upon us and as we all know, every business is trying to not only retain one’s clients BUT also add new customers in one’s portfolio. How can a business with minimal output of expenses accomplish this? Well, one way is to accommodate your customers with a good website experience. As we all know, everyone is now mobile and if you don’t have a friendly mobile version of your website, you will loose any prospects that come across your site and possibly your current clientele. So, if you’re looking to increase your customer base, why not capitalize on building a custom mobile site with us. Contact us and see how robust our mobile solution is, at a remarkable price point!

2012 (outdated)

December 2012 – We are about to roll out a very amazing product. This product will capture your prospects with a wow factor and convert them into clients. But wait…there’s more…with this product, you will also be able to retain them too! We will be rolling this out mid month. JUST in time for the holidays…Say tune!

November 2012 – Over the last couple of months we’ve noticed that WordPress templates have used more and more mobile plug-ins for you to use. Understanding that it will view better then no solution, remember this…. it’s still NOT truly mobile friendly. All it does is convert your current website so it can view on a mobile device. it is NOT viewer friendly. It is a basic way to create a ‘mobile’ experience. Have you ever viewed a site that has a plug-in? Not a good viewable experience, right? There’s also what’s called a responsive design. A responsive design is code you add to your current site and the view will correct to fit on all size devices. There’s many issues with this type of application and one being it’s NOT user friendly. It’s NOT thumb friendly. You could still have broken links, non-viewable images and movies. OR, you can have a mobile website that is user friendly and has a professional look and feel. If you view our site on your mobile device, you will notice that we have an ‘m.” domain. This shows your viewers that you’re thinking about them and their experience. Notice that our mobile site has a professional appearance with easy to read and use icons. The content is short and concise. We have ‘Click-to-Call’ button for a call to action response. A well designed mobile site will keep them coming back, where as with a poorly designed mobile site, they won’t come back. So, if you’re looking to capture more leads and convert them into sales, contact us now and see for yourself why our mobile solution is top dog in this industry. It’s professional without the bloated cost!

October 2012 – We are in beta testing for adding more features to our Mobile Solutions. Our mobile solution has that WOW factor that you’ve been looking for! See how incorporating our solution adds value to your business. Social media is NOT the only thing that you need to be doing, adding a user friendly mobile device experience (mobile site) is paramount! (Use QR Codes on your social media sites, it works!)

September 2012 – V-Email Plus…QUICK-TIP…Since the roll-out of our iPhone, iPad and iPod app in the app store, we have heard that many of you are using this app. For those of you who aren’t, you can (on the fly) shoot a video, upload it and sent it. This gives you the ability to communicate fast and effectively. Next time you’re on a sales call, once you leave the meeting and before you leave, shoot a quick thank you video message and while you’re in the parking lot, send it. Now that’s impressive! Try using a free app called ‘splice’. (not that we’re indorsing it) This app will allow you to take multiple videos that you have, split them together (very quick and easily) then once you have them in the order you want, send it. It makes you look like you have a powerful multi-media tool that costs thousands and you spent hours making. Mobile Website Builder…We are in the beta testing of a great update on a feature. Stay tuned. This upgrade will blow you away!

August 2012 – V-Email Plus…We are testing a full view area, so when someone watches your video message on an iPhone, iPad or iPod, they not only will see you video message but the full media experience just like on a desktop. We have other added features we’re working on, so stop back and see the full range of added features OR if you have not tried V-Email Plus yet, why not? Mobile Website Builder…New feature….we now added LinkedIn. A Linked In feature page is now available. You can pull in your news feed and add it to your share bar, and add it to your marketing website.

July 2012 – V-Email Plus… We have added a new feature, changeable view layout. Now, you or your recipient can change the webcam viewable area to: small video and large slides / large video small slides or large video no slides. Set one as default or your recipient can change views on the fly. Mobile Website Builder… Since we’ve rolled out or Mobile Website Builder, we’ve had a tremendous response and we thank you. We have added new features since our roll out and are adding new ones monthly. We believe that we truly filled a void in this marketing medium. With all the (included) features, this is a powerful and robust Mobile Marketing Solution!

June 2012 – Mobile Website Builder (with 3 products in one). Over time we’ve spoken to so many companies and we’ve heard that more and more, companies like you want to go ‘Mobi’ but truly do not know where to turn. Too many folk on the internet are doing this and that and selling some features, BUT not a full complement of robust features into one simple solution. Now have an easy way for your business to go mobile without all the headaches. Our service is very easy to use at a price that won’t break the bank! Check it out! – Plus we are still adding more features to V-Email Plus. Facebook integration is up next.

May 2012 – We NOW have added a powerful feature on V-Emil Plus. Distribution / Group Lists. This is a time saving feature. Now you can add ‘groups’. Name them what you want and add your contacts in them. Now when you send emails out (server side) you and pick a group then click send. No more adding emails! For those that have V-Email Plus, we’ve have added a video tutorial to help guide you in your use of this feature. Try it, you’ll see the ease of use and how much time it saves!

April 2012 – Two upcoming features we’re looking to add to V-Email plus are: A distribution list, as well as iPhone/iPad/iPod auto posting to Facebook. IF you have any questions, please let us know. You can use our contact us form.

March 2012 – After announcing last month that ‘we have an app for that’, we heard it is a great success! Many iPhone users see the powerful benefits in this app. Just imagine the impact, shoot your personalized video message on the road, at that house you’re selling, in your auto dealership’s lot, anywhere at anytime, then just add one’s email, and click send! They will receive your video email message with added text in the subject header as well as your pre-designed email body image. (Blackberry and Android users…sorry, no app at this time.)

February 2012 – YES, we have an app for that! Now using your iPhone / iPod, you can record, create and send your video messages on the fly, and your mobile messages will automatically sync with your desktop! Contact us for more details. Use your imagination and personality! Think of all the possibilities.

January 2012 – With the start of the new year, we at Pavcomm thank you for using V-Email Plus as your communications and marketing tool. In 2012, we will be adding more features to our product. If you have not yet had the opportunity to use this tool, contact our office and we’ll be glad to set-up a time for a one-on-one online real time demo. ‘Thank You’ for making 2011 a banner year!

2011 (outdated)

December 2011 – Well, it’s the last month of the year and we are working on something very special – 2011 is almost over and we at Pavcomm are working on a package that will impress. We will be announcing it shortly, and if you would like to know more, sign up for our newsletter.

November 2011 – You spoke and we heard you. – Now, V-Email Plus offers Basic option with a customized branded template as well as more storage for your productions, videos and PowerPoint slides on our server. We are offering a full 1 GB storage. Now you can purchase our BASIC option for video emailing with robust storage. – PLUS, for minimum upfront cost, we are now offering STOCK templates and you can always up grade to a custom branded template at any time. – For server based emailing (if you choose), we now offer a stock image as well as you can purchase a custom image. So, as time goes on, we are never-ending in our product upgrades.

October 2011 – We are profoundly excited in where V-Email Plus is now and where we are taking it in the future. For those of you who are enjoying the fantastic benefits that this product has to offer, we thank you. For those of you who are on the fence, why not try V-Email Plus? As we all know, trust and emotions drives sales, V-Email Plus will allow you to Capitalize on them both. When people see you, they will trust you and that emotion allows you to sell more and retain more clients!

September 2011 – V-Email Plus can NOW be integrated with your CRM! ( – requires Enterprise solution)

August 2011 – We at Pavcomm thank all the businesses that entrust V-Email Plus in their day-to-day communications. We are thankful that the use of V-Email Plus is increasing your sales and retention. If you have any questions on how to maximize your efforts with this product, contact us and we will work together to build you an effective and powerful pre-produced messages that you can use over and over again. We are always working on building a feature robust tool that will decrease your marketing time and increase your efficiency.

July 2011 – We are improving the Lead Tracking System feature for V-Email Plus. Now you can send a pre-designed template with real-time personal image in your email campaign. Note: This feature is only available in the Deluxe package.

June 2011 – NEW FEATURE with V-Email Plus: Organized Targeted Email Campaigns with our ‘Lead Tracking System.’ This technology is an enhanced capability to the V-Email Plus suite of features. Learn how to better target your leads in today’s video world at the same time, significantly improving your Engagement Rate. Take your email prospecting to the ‘NEXT LEVEL’ by engaging them with VIDEO!

May 2011 – We at Pavcomm want to thank all of the businesses and individuals that chose to use V-Email Plus for their communication and marketing. We will be adding more features, so keep an eye out for our email updates coming soon!

April 2011 – We at Pavcomm strive for the best customer service one can experience, that is why we have setup a Live Demo Request form on this site for V-Email Plus. We want to spend a few minutes with you on-line real time and walk you through all the features that V-Email Plus has to offer you. Once you decide to move forward, we will set-up a time that is convenient for you for LIVE training. No need to figure how to incorporate this communications tool on your own! We are here for you for seamless integration.

March 2011 – V-Email Plus customized branded templates now can come with optional hyperlink images. Now you can have your top banner or whatever your branding is, linked to your website or wherever you want! This is a POWERFUL way to communicate your thought, message or idea!

February 2011 – V-Email Plus has seen usage growth in the Auto, Real Estate and Chiropractic industries.

January 2011 – With the new year upon us, we wish you a very successful 2011!

2010 (outdated)

December 2010 – At this years end, we at Pavcomm thank you for your support and patronage. We look forward in 2011 and helping businesses communicate more effectively!

November 2010 – V-Email Plus… Soon you have the ability to have Graphic Labeling in the body of your email outlook. So you’ll be able to have an image link or the textable link. Say tune for more information.

October 2010 – V-Email Plus… We’ve made improvements on the “live Meeting” feature of this product.

September 2010 – Lead Tracking Feature – We’ll soon have a powerful way for you to track your leads using V-Email Plus. Say tune for more information.

August 2010 – On-line Presentations – We now have a cost effective way for you and your company to conduct ‘on-line presentations.’ If you are looking for an on-line presentation product that allows you the flexibility to share screens as well as share a single applications or a full desktop, Pavcomm has the solution for you! Find out how our product can benefit you and your business. (outdated)

July 2010 – Smart Phones and V-Email Plus – Do you know of any other company that does video emailing that is smart phone compliant? Well we are. You can now email a video email with PPT and videos to whomever you want and they can view your message either on their computer or smart phone.

June 2010 –V-Email Plus – You asked for it now we have it! NOW available, we have the ‘Screen Sharing‘ Feature for Advanced and Deluxe. Contact us to find out more. If you are already using V-Email Plus and want this upgrade feature, please contact our office.

May 2010 –Adding a new web conferencing tool that provides you with instant sharing of your computer screen and applications. We will be rolling out this product in July. Stop back to find out more.

April 2010 –Working on more features for V-Email Plus.

March 2010 –With more and more businesses needing an online place to do business, we have now a way for you to collaborate online. (outdated)

February 2010 –V-Email Plus – With the growth of this product, we have now added the ability for 4 presenters verses 2 using the ‘Meeting Now’ feature. This will give you more flexibility to expand your webinars.

January 2010 – Its All About The Leads.. becomes PAVCOMM. Due to the growth of our business within the last year of 2009, we decided to expand our company to reflect the products we facilitate. PAVCOMM (Professional Audio / Visual Communications) will be providing you with MORE effective “value added” products that make your work easier and your business more efficient and profitable. (outdated)

2009 (outdated)

December 2009 – Its All About The Leads has added a new robust visual web conference tool named V-Conference. V-Conference Web conferencing is designed to meet the Web conferencing needs of today’s enterprises. Participants can attend a V-Conference with just an internet connection and a browser. Web conferencing empowers users to share presentations and documents online.(outdated)

September 2009 – Its All About The Leads has added a premier Audio Conferencing Tool. From pay as you go, Legal Deposition Audio Conference Service and Operated Assistance, find out how this tool can make your business more stream-lined and save your time as well as money.(outdated)