Video Engagerr


Interact with your viewers...

‘Video Engagerr’ has features that any viewer will be able to Interact with.


Make your Video Standout...

With Video Engagerr, no longer will your videos just be about watching, they’ll be about Engagement!


Give your Viewers a Call-To-Action...

You need to TELL your viewer what to do next after they watch, with ‘Video Engagerr’, you’re able to redirect them where YOU want them to go to next!

Top 3 reasons you NEED Video Engagerr


Never before can YOU have so much control on what the viewer sees and what they can do inside YOUR video!

You Control...

what the viewer sees and when they see it.

Interactive Communications

We all know that Video is the best form of communication over text or images. Why not take the POWER of Video Engagerr and RELEASE the POWER of its features?

See for yourself the POWER of Video Engagerr

When your viewers interact with your video, they stay longer and conversions increase!

So, what are we talking about?

The ability to INTERACT with your viewers inside a video, then guide them to where YOU want them to go next!

Lets take a look at 7 ‘Video Engagerr’ Features

Hot Spots

– Create custom pulsating buttons that the viewer can see and click on.
– This feature allows you to highlight a certain element or idea on your video.
– Once Clicked, it can direct them to a URL, Video OR a custom field.
– have one OR multiple placed at certain times throughout your video. (Also can be branded to your colors)
– Can be Sticky/Dynamic. They can follow/move along with an asset on the video (PRETTY POWERFUL, RIGHT?)

Clickable Links

– Now, you can have a TRUE interactive video!
– At any point in the video, we can add an image…
– Add a button
– Add a Note Box…
– and once clicked, will redirect anywhere you want it to go, be it a website page or a video.
– These Links can be placed anywhere in your video, at any time frame of it.
– Now, just think about all the possibilities that you have!

Video Funnels

– Did you ever want to have your viewer choose between this OR that in your video? Well, with this feature you can!
– You can create a funnel in which they can choose what they want to see.
– For example, if your video is talking about animals, you can end your video with a selection.
– Do you want to know more about cats, dogs or birds. Once they click the selection, a NEW video will start.
– This is Great if you have more than ONE item you want to showcase..


– We all know now days, a bulk of your viewers are on a mobile phone.
– Wouldn’t be great if there was a way that they could CLICK on a button and it would call you?
– Well, now that is a reality!
– At any point in the video, we’ll add a Tap-to-Call image, and once clicked, your number will appear on their screen and all they do is tap it, and it calls you!
– You need to make it easy for them to contact you!

Custom Thumbnail

– This is a custom image that resides at the beginning of the video.
– Instead of a boring or random image, we create one that viewers will want to click to view your video.
– It does NOT matter how good your video is, nor how great the information is, if one does not click on it.
– With a Custom Thumbnail (or some will call it a Splash Image) it needs to stand out from your content on your page.

End Card

– Or, as we like to call it…. On-Finish Actions:
– At the end of your video, you want to let your viewers know what to do next.
– You can redirect your viewers to your offer or any other web pages.
– No more having the text and they have to write it down, now they can just click and it redirects!

Closed Caption

CLOSED CAPTION is one of the most important elements you can have on your video.
– To comply with the ADA, your videos MUST have ‘CC’ available.
– No matter what other platforms you host your videos on (excluding YT), do they provide this necessary feature? NO!
– When you use Video Enagagerr as your hoster, Closed Caption will always be a staple for your viewers!
– We have a settings option whereas a viewer can select the text color, font, font size, background and even the text edging as well as the window.

closed caption feature

Now, lets view the full feature list Video Engagerr has

Cloud Video Hosting

Auto-Optimized Resolutions

Up To 4K UHD Video Quality

360-Video friendly

Hybrid Video Hosting

Works With YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox and Self-Hosted Videos.

Stream videos from popular sources 100% ads-free.

Monetize videos you upload (or find) on social networks.

Make videos ‘look & feel’ like yours, even if they’re not.



Player Customizations

Unbranded Player

Auto-Adjust Player (Responsive) – No matter what device is being used and what dimensions your video is, it will view on ALL devices

Chapter Markers – Have a long video and need to separate one idea from another? You can add Chapter Markers and it will show up on the play bar

Enable Video Download– Add a button to your player controls that allows viewers to download the video to their computer

Hide All Controls

Control Playback Speed

Logo Branding – While the video is in play, we can have your logo inside the video

Customize Player Colors & Skins

Custom Thumbnails

GIF Thumbnail Support

Show/Hide Progress Bar

Show Video Duration and/or Remaining Time

Translate Video Player

Volume Control

Marketing Tools

Share-Gates for Viral Traffic – Require viewers to share the video via social media platform of choice prior to be able to proceed with the video.

SMS Capture Gate – Require viewers to enter their phone number prior to viewing the video. (This is great for capturing RED HOT leads).

Pre & Post-Roll Videos

Video Remarketing Intelligence – Place your tracking code inside the video to fire at any point in the video. Just retarget those who have watched a certain percentage of your video

Video SEO

Watch & Win Contests – Get viewers to watch video until the end to enter a contest. With added share features, increases the chances of winning. (RED HOT for viral traffic).

Video Funnels with Dynamic Interactions – Add questions to your videos with answers that have a custom result. (IE: showing another video or redirecting to another page).

Live Streaming Simulator – Set up your videos to play at a particular date and time. Simulate a live event or show limited time webinar replays. Publish any time sensitive video you want.

Tap-To-Call Button – Add a Tap-to-Call button on the video to encourage phone calls to your business

Image Ads on Pause – When the video is at pause, show any image OR ad that you want. This will encourage click-thru’s to your page of choice.

On-Finish Actions – Customize what happens after the video is done. Play it again, show an image or redirect the viewer to any other page of choice.

Personalization Inside Videos – Include viewer data, name or business inside of your videos to drive engagement and increase conversions.

Social Sharing Widget

GIF Generation for Email – Generate a GIF form your video to use on your website pages or emails for a high click-through rate.

Timed Buttons & Calls to Action

Timed Annotation Links

Timed Opt-In Boxes

Timed Custom Elements

Opt-In Gates for Lead Capture – Require a viewer to enter their email address before being able to continue with the video.

>> Closed Caption – This is a mandatory feature you must have on your videos to comply with the ADA regulations. (We’ll be adding CC on ALL of our website videos shorty)

Video Playback

Popup/Lightbox Embeds – You will be given an embed code so that you can embed the video on your page and it will pop-out into a lightbox for viewing.

Custom Start/End Times – Set a specific start time and end time.

Disable Pause

Captions / Subtitles

Floating Video on Scroll – Want EYE-BALLS watching your video? Then this feature is for you. The video will shrink and will move to the margin and continue to play on their screen as they scroll down the page.

Auto-Resume Detection – Video resumes at the point when the viewer last left off at.

Smart Play Focus – The video will auto-pause when the viewer scrolls past the video viewport or switches tabs. Then it will resume when the video is back in view.

Auto-Play Intelligence for 1st Visit Only

Auto-Play Always

Loop Option

Skip & Rewind

Custom Page for Private Sharing – WANT YOUR OWN PERSONAL VIDEO PAGE? Each one of your videos can have it’s own landing page so you can quickly shar your video content.

Enable Full Screen


Detailed Reports – a monthly report will be emailed to you with full analytics on your videos.

Geographical Reports

Audience Segments – report will include… how long they watched your video, from what type of device and their location.

Drip Campaigns

A/B Video Split Testing

Video Heatmaps

Engagement Graphs – shows how much your viewers watched the video overall.

Viewer-based tracking


View Video Once (IP-Based) – with this feature enabled, it will let the viewer watch said video once, then disables the video so they cannot view it again.

Advanced HLS Encryption – encoded and protected with polymorphic access tokens making it impossible for others to steal, share or download your valuable asset, your video(s).

Password Protection

Domain Restrictions – for an added layer of security, when enabled, this restricts the domain in which the video is embed on. So, if someone tries to embed the video code, it will NOT view.

Private Sharing Links


Integration with Major Autoresponders

Integrations via Zapier

Facebook Pixel Integration – Trigger Facebook pixel at any point in the video.

Conversion Tracking Codes – you can run any ‘scripts’ or ‘plugins’ that you’d normally run on your site. Show a chat widget or a Pop-up, just to name two.

REST & Javascript API-Enabled

Lets take a look at some FEATURES in action


Take a moment and view this video to see in ACTION a handful of the features we offer!

See how these features WILL enhance your videos!

3 Reasons you should NEVER use YouTube on your website


Too many distractions! Ever view a YouTube Video? Notice when you pause or come to the end, it shows your competitors videos and then they can LEAVE, NOT GOOD!

Their Branding and NOT yours...

So, you have their (YouTube) branding all over YOUR video, and not yours. Not a great way to showcase your video. Your viewer can click it once, and they are off your site for good!

Limited Customizations...

If you have fewer than 1,000 subscribers, you CANNOT do basic customizations to your video.

Watch this short video and see exactly why if your site has YouTube videos, that you’re losing viewers!

NEWS BULLETIN May 2021: YouTube just released their June ‘terms of service’ update…
They now can place ads on ANY video that is hosted on their platform.
CLICK HERE to read it!

Take back control of YOUR video and use Video Engagerr!

They say seeing is believing…

We’ll show you how Video Engagerr will increase your bottom-line!

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  • Powerful Viewer Engagements
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  • Want to change a Call-to-Action? Easy, we just redirect where you want them to go. Refresh your browser and it’s done!
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