Looking for Better Conversations with your Business Videos?

We provide POWERFUL video solutions and are EXPERTS on helping you convert your video viewers into calls, by creating engaging videos!

Designing Videos that get a REACTION!

Innovative Video Designs

Creating Reactionary Designs…

to get viewers to CALL YOU!

After all, don’t you want your viewers to contact you?

Helping businesses since 2013, here are just 3 of the Services we provide

Doodle Videos

Since 2013, we have been specializing in the design and creation of Whiteboard Doodle Videos. A well created whiteboard video will engage your viewer, create emotion and get watched till the end. Companies come and go, but we’re still here.

Custom Videos

We create different ‘styles’ of videos including Animated, Explainer and Industry Specific Videos with live spokespersons. Incorporating your branded Logo with 3D Animations and an outro for your videos. See what we can create for your business!

FB Video Covers

Why settle for boring Facebook Cover Images on your Business FB page, when you can have ENGAGING Videos? We can design a custom video or videos for your business page. They are creative and memorable. See what we can design for your business!


A website with a poor video, is a waste of money… get a video for your website that will PULL visitors in, while giving them a call-to-action. Videos in today’s market need to PULL-IN your viewers and create an emotion and solve a need. Videos are very important, but…just not any video, you need a video that viewers watch to the end and has a call to action! We provide that!


Once of the most difficult marketing methods is your website. Communicating your message is so very hard to do. You have a homepage, then links to other pages. You may have videos and images as well as text on your site, but making sure that your website viewer understands your business is paramount. With VidPresenter, not only will your message will be heard, but VidPresenter is a STRONG Call-to-Action as well.

Pavcomm Drives Your Viewers…

No matter what we can create for you with Videos, we DRIVE your viewers to look, think, and REACT. Isn’t that what you want them to do? Get your views to contact you NOW!

Pavcomm Provides You…

We PROVIDE Branded Video Commercials such as Whiteboard Doodle, Explainer (which include Character, Animated and Kinetic Typography) and Industry Specific Videos. See how with our professionally produced videos, we can put money in your pocket!