Explainer Videos


An Explainer Video is

a video that will convey your business message in a way that viewers will not only watch till the end, but will understand your message.


An Explainer Video

is a short (30-90 seconds) explanation of your message. It conveys a problem and the solution.


We have 4 different types

of explainer videos. Each one creates a ‘WOW’ factor, but in different ways.

Top 6 reasons to get an Explainer Video

The following are just 6 reasons explainer videos work!

It Creates...

an interest in your business

It Creates...

a sense of intrigue


get watch to the end

They are...

very cost effective

They convert...

viewers into qualified leads


enable you to convey your message in an interesting way in which they remember

Lets take a look at each one

Promo Videos

What is a Promo Video

– A Promo (Promotional) Video is a video that could be more realistic looking.

– It would have images and/or videos as well as text over them.

– They can be used to Promote an event, any specials you’re having to any other Promotion you want to convey to your viewers that will engage them in a way that they’ll watch till the end

Character Videos

What is a Character Video

– A Character Video is a video that will use animated / cartoon characters to deliver a message.

– Whether you’re local or cross country, we can design a Character Video for you that engages your viewers and helps not only convey your information, BUT also adds to your conversion of viewers to sales as well.

Animated Videos

What is an Animated Video

An Animated Video is a video that will use one or many different styles of an Explainer video.

– It can have characters, images, Typography as well as music and/or voice overs to deliver a message.

– Within some of those styles, images will have animation/movement to them

Kinetic Typography Videos

What is a Kinetic Typography Video

A Kinetic Typography Video is a video that uses words that has movement to create a mood or feeling.

– It could have music as background or one could speak the words that are shown

Why do you need to invest in Explainer Videos for your Business


They have a high perceived value with an excellent ROI. We all understand how valuable videos are, but a well created video has more value then images OR text


No matter what style Explainer video you want, we’ll build to suit your business needs. They come in so many variations that we know one will fit your needs

Great Engagement

Viewers watch videos! When you have an engaging video that is well designed, your viewers will watch it and most importantly, they watch it till the end

Take Your Viewer Engagement to the next level!


  • Explainer Videos increase your ROI
  • Videos have better engagement than text OR images
  • Engage your Viewers with NEW Styles of Videos
  • Google Likes Videos, so the more you have, the better your rankings!
  • Let’s work together TODAY so you can have the videos that that YOU want which engages, entertains and converts sales!
  • Our only Question is: