The Whiteboard Doodle Video Production Process

  • It’s as simple as 1..2..3..4..5..

  • Check out the simple 6-step Whiteboard Doodle Video Production Process.

Step 1: The Script and Requirements

  • The content and the story is the most important part of your video. We consider it as the heart of your Video. No matter what option you want, once you provide us with all the materials, we’ll start the process.
  • We will email you a Script and Requirement document that will give our team an idea of the path you want to take.
  • As well, we’ll then email you a Storyboard set-up document that will outline your text you would like as well as any image you want us to use either your (that you’ll supply) or our stock library.
  • Please note that the more we know about your needs, the more we can help you.
  • Once we have been submitted these documents, our team will review for any questions
  • NOTE: If you’re going to be submitting a voice over, we’ll need that prior to us starting the process. (this is due to the timing of the drawing of text and/or images.) If the voice over is submitted later, we’d have to go back and re-time all the drawings so they ‘time’ correctly with the drawings. That would require an extra fee.
  • We will then require a 50% deposit for the whiteboard doodle video creation. (this deposit IS required and we cannot move forward without it) So if you think that you’ll be budgeting for a GOLD package, we’ll need 50% down and when we are all through with the drafts and are approved by you, we’ll need the balance paid in full prior to us giving you your final whiteboard doodle video. This is non-refundable, so make absolutly sure you are committed to a doodle video. (NOTE: We hope you understand our down payment policy. We believe that we have one of the BEST transparent policy in the market today.)

Step 2: Adding Audio

  • We’ll add stock sound track music or voice over (additional fees may apply) to match the style of your whiteboard doodle video

Step 3: Illustrations -‘the doodling’

  • Here’s where the magic happens.
  • Our team will take what you’ve supplied us from the text and images (or our in-house stock illustrations or yours)
  • We’ll create a fantastic Whiteboard Doodle Video that will capture your viewers attention and tell your story.

Step 4: Present Draft

  • Once our team is done with the Whiteboard Doodle Video production, we will present the draft to you for review.
  • If there is any changes, this is the time that changes will occur. (We will supply you with an outline script that you’ll be able to make corrections with)

Step 5: Finished Whiteboard Doodle submitted to you

  • Once you accept the Whiteboard Doodle Video, we’ll make any changes from draft, finalize production of work and submit your Doodle Video to you.
  • We then will finalize the balance owed and submit it to you. Once paid….
  • We finalize your video in HD .MOV or .MP4 format – whichever you need. Your Whiteboard Doodle Video will be given to you via DropBox link. Now you can post it to YouTube, your website or anywhere you’d like!

Step 6: Need to contact us first

The first step for this powerful and unique video to increase viewer awareness is to contact us first!


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