Frequently Asked Questions about Whiteboard Doodle Videos


Q: Why Pavcomm’s Whiteboard Doodle?

A: We give the very best in service, quality and provide you an innovative way to market your business at a low cost. Research the competition, and you’ll see that for the dollar spent, you’ll receive great value!


Q:In which languages can Pavcomm produce my video?

A: We presently produce your videos in English only.


Q: How will I receive my videos?

A: You will be able to get your finished Whiteboard Doodle Video via your YouTube channel Or we will supply you the video via Dropbox. Once your Whiteboard Doodle is approved and completed, you will be emailed a link where you can download it.


Q: Where shall I upload my videos?

A: You can upload your videos on your own website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and many other different marketing mediums.


Q: What is the cost of a Whiteboard Doodle Animation?

A: See our pricing page.


Q: How long does it take?

A: It all depends on the work you require. However usually we try to finish our videos within 1 week, not weeks or months.


Q: How long should my video be?

A: It all depends on your message As you know, people’s attention span is short due to day-to-day business and with Whiteboard Doodle, you’ll be able to capture their attention with a unique and powerful video message. A good rule of thumb is 30-90 seconds.


Q: Is every Whiteboard Doodle Video different?

A: YES. Each video tells a different story and serves a different purpose.


Q: Do you require any money up-front to begin working on my video?

A: YES. We do require ONLY a 50% production process fee and not the entire amount.  This is standard operating practices. We know that you may go under or over the option you choose. At the final rendering, we’ll let you know the balance, which could be more or less, depending on your needs throughout the process. To find out more, see the ‘Production Process‘ page

Q: Who can benefit from using a Whiteboard Doodle?

A: Every business that wants to market their business. Stand apart from the normal long videos, try entertaining your viewers, they’ll remember you!


Q: What is the process?

A: See Production Process page.


Q: Do you provide a voice-over?

A: Yes. For an additional fee, we can supply a professional voice over for your Whiteboard Doodle Video. See pricing page.


Q: What do I need to make a video?
A:  – An outline or list of the key points you want to communicate. Ideas about how you want to deliver the message are also helpful when developing the script.
– Any opening or closing ideas or text you want to include in the video (e.g. – logo, text, etc.).
– Any MP3 sound track you want to include in the video. (optional, we provide a stock sound track on your video)
– We will provide you an upload link portal for you to upload your images and text. Once purchased, we’ll email you a detailed summary of what is needed.


Q: Can you help me with the script?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I make changes to the video?

A: Yes. In the scriptwriting phase, after we have developed a storyboard script and refined it to a near final stage, we will present you with a draft video, at which time you can make changes. We include two rounds of revisions during this phase. If you find that you still need revisions after the scenes have been produced, we charge $55 per hour for overages.


Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Contact us for more detailed information.