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Then you need a VidPresenter…

VidPresenter is a 2D, 3D animated Avatar or a Human Spokesperson that creates a call to action element which is added to your business website.

VidPresenter technology…
Our website talking avatars are 100% compatible with mobile phones. We even have state-of-the-art text-to-speech (TTS) technology to convey your message, if you do not want to hire a professional voice-over specialist or do it yourself.
VidPresenters Creates Custom Call-to-Actions…
with our website talking heads, they’ll have your visitors watching and reacting to your message. Bottom-line, all you really want is for your visitor to contact you…correct?
Why Use VidPresenter?
The following are just 6 reasons why VidPresenter website talking avatars works!

VidPresenter will...

Introduce your Company

It will give a...

Clear and Concise Message

It will...

Get your message across

VidPresenter will...

Instruct your viewers what to do next

Using a VidPresenter helps you...

Stand out from your competitors

Bottom-line, it...

Increases website conversions
Why did we create VidPresenter?
Since we design Explainer, Spokesperson and doodle videos…it seemed to be the next step of Call-to-Action Services!

Why VidPresenter ‘CRUSHES’ the competition

We have ‘4’ different styles of website talking Avatars with Call-to-Action Elements!

Human Spokesperson

3D Avatar

2D Avatar

Whiteboard Doodle


VidPresenter Features

  • Mobile Compatibility
  • 2D, 3D stock avatars or human spokesperson
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS) if needed for quick turnover time
  • Add images and video backgrounds
  • Easy to use, just embed our ‘code’ and save. That’s it
  • Call-to-Action Buttons (timed when you want them to be viewed)
  • Optin Forms for lead generation (increase prospects by having them optin to your newsletter or special promotions)
  • Countdown Timers (use this if you are promoting a timed event)
  • Coupon Codes and text on top of the VidPresenter videos to further improve conversions and increase sales.
  • Playback time can be set to audio play, add a set time when it starts or use for page exit pop-in
  • Very quick load time (we host on Google’s cloud servers)
  • WordPress and HTML site Compatible as well as all server technologies


How to create a VidPresenter

  • Choose a 2D, 3D avatar, or a human spokesperson
  • Tell us about your voiceover choice (using professional voice-over, using your voice or using our TTS)
  • Do you want to add a Call-to-Action Button (if so, where in the VidPresenter did you want it to appear and what is the site page URL?)
  • Do you want to use an optin form (MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse or Sendlane. We are adding more each week)
  • Playback Options: Auto-play after loading, Close after playing, Blackout mode, Play once per visit or everytime they view your site, show mute button and do you want VidPresenter to load immediately or timed after ‘x’ amount of seconds. OR, did you want it to view upon when they leave your site (once they try to exit, it will appear)
  • Do you want a video to play once the VidPresenter is done (you can have a video start in the same spot as the VidPresenter leaves)
  • That’s it! Then we take it from there. Within a couple of days, we’ll provide you with the ‘code’ that you can embed on your website page and start reaping the rewards of what this can provide you!
Here is a Gallery of our VidPresenters

Want to view our 3D Avatars next?

See what you can have on your website today!

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What’s cooking next?

More 2D Avatars… want to see?


Watch this video to see 12 out of 48 more that we just added

4 Reasons why you need to use VidPresenter verses all the others on the web

  • There are many names that you’ll see and hear, Walk on Actor, Website Video Spokesperson, Web Virtual Spokesperson, Website Spokesperson, Virtual Actor, Person on website, Online Spokesperson, even talking heads…we at Pavcomm have truly captured the very best in what technology offers in this marketing medium.
  • By adding a VidPresenter to your business website, you’re introducing your business to them and at the same time directing them what to do next
  • You need to do two things. One, tell your visitor what to do and two, provide a call-to-action element. By using VidPresenter, you accomplish both while decreasing the cost associated with this.
  • Stand out from your competitors and see how using VidPresenter can help you as well as your visitors!

We have many more VIDPRESENTERS in various styles. If you don’t see what you like, contact us and let us know what you’re looking for!

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