Data that you’ll need to know:

Time of VidPresenter – It cannot exceed more than 2 minutes in length

Human Spokesperson(s) – We have industry specific pre-done spokespeople in Male and Female. (Contact us to see if we have them in your industry)

Human Spokesperson(s) – If you want a CUSTOM Human Spokesperson created for you, we can do that! Just contact us so we can discuss your needs.

Voice Overs – The TTS is included with the pricing as well as our in-house male/female spokespersons. OR you can have someone of your choice to create a voiceover which we can add to the Avatar. Just contact us and let us know.

Our Pricing – Most of our designs are custom-to-suite.
– Our stock base pricing starts at: $49.95 set-up and $19.95 monthly hosting/maintenance. It covers our STOCK Avatars/Human Spokespersons, In-house voice overs or TTS.

VidPresenter is a custom creation that we design for you, so we’ll need to understand more about your needs to supply a quote.
So, please fill out our VidPresenter Online form and we’ll be in touch to answer all of your questions as well as furnish you a quote.