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Never has been offered before...

We are upping our game. For years, we’ve created videos for businesses and it may have been a one-off or several. We’ve never put a package like this together….NEVER!


You benefit...

This deal is a no brainer. Why? You don’t have to pay a high price for YOUR video. Heck, you’re getting pricing below our Agencies!


By Creating Semi-Custom themes...

we cut down on our creation time, in turn, you save money!

Top 3 Reasons you’ll NEED this Package Deal!

Value For Dollar Spent...

With this package, you’re not only getting professionally custom created videos, you get a lot of them for under the price of just one!

Business Videos at Agency Pricing...

We work with Agencies. We create videos for their clients and discount them so the Agency can mark them up. (MORE ON THIS LATER).

Great Outreach...

With more professional videos, you can add them to your marketing!

We’re trying to add VALUE, we hope you see it!

Below are ALL the Video Templates we are offering


What You're Receiving

– These Videos will be SEMI-CUSTOMIZED to YOUR business and branding! So, don’t mind the generic content (text & images/videos) inside each video.
– Videos for ALL your Social Media Platforms
– A Mix of different ‘styles’ of videos
– All for a ONE-TIME price


What 'Styles' & Count You're Receiving

A WHOPPING 18 Total Videos for just a one-time price!
1 – 3D Character (horizontal) Video
3 – Explainer (horizontal) Videos
1 – Scroll-Stopper (square) Video
11 – Stories (vertical) Videos
2 – Text Engagerr (vertical) Videos


Explainer Videos

- An Explainer Video is exactly what you'd think. It 'Explains' something. They can come in different varieties, be it cartoon style to real life.

- Some have voice overs and some don't.

- In the 3 we have for you, one has a voice over, while the other 2 only have an audio (music) background.

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3D Character Video

- A 3D Character Video is a horizontal Video in size (but they can be any size).

- They can promote most anything your business does. They can promote a Sale, Event, or even an upcoming launch. They can also tell a story you want viewers to know about.

- This 'style' of a Video is considered an Explainer style video.

Text Engagerr Videos

- A Text Engagerr Video mimics something we all do every day, and some more than others.

- It mimics texting on your cell phone!

- These 'Styles' of Videos are rare to see, but if done correctly, they make viewers STOP and WATCH! And, isn't that what you want? Folks to VIEW your videos?

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We'll Customize 2 Text Engagerr's for YOUR business


- A Story (Stories) Video is a video that is very short, ranging from 7-20 seconds in length.

- It is also Vertical in size.

- They tell a short story whereas if the viewer finds it of interest, they'll find out more about the subject matter.

- The KEY take-away is to have the viewer STOP swiping and GRAB their attention! Most of all the social media platforms use this 'style' of video.

We have included 11 story videos in this package deal.

Scroll Stopper Video

- A Scroll-Stopper is a Square Video which will view on ALL social media platforms that accept Square Videos.

- They serve a very unique purpose. That is to STOP viewers in their tracks and take notice, period.

- After you watch one, you'll know why.

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That’s a grand total of 18 Customized Videos for your Business!


1 - 3D Character Video
2 - Explainer Video ($399.00 ea)
1 - Explainer (With Voiceover)
1 - Scroll Stoppers ($99.00 ea)
11 - Stories Videos ($79.00 ea)
2 - Text Engagerr Videos ($99.00 ea)


That's a Total of 18 Semi-Custom Videos

TOTALING $2,862.00

Now, Take Your Viewer Engagement to the next level!


  • Get 18 new and engaging videos SEMI-CUSTOMIZED for your business for ONLY $499.00
  • Now you can have “Business Videos at Agency Pricing”
  • Place some on your business website
  • Engage your Viewers with a blend of NEW Styles
  • Visitors LOVE watching GOOD Videos!
  • Let’s work together TODAY so you can have the videos that YOU need which engages, entertains and converts sales!
  • We’re looking forward in working with you!


How to Proceed...

  • Agreement: After signing the agreement (which will be furnished upon request), a first payment (50% non-refundable deposit), will need to be made.
  • Assets: We'll need any assets you may want on your videos. Be it any image, content text or any other videos. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we'll get to work on the video creations. If you DO NOT have any assets, we will review your website to see what you may have as well as we can create them for you, if none are furnished.
  • Work Commencement: Once we have your assets and a clear understanding of your needs, we'll start our work.
  • Turn-Around Time: Once we have ALL content, it will take between 3-5 business days to complete your Customized Videos.
  • Balance Paid after completion: Once all your videos are finished, we'll ask for the balance to be paid, then delivery will done.

Delivery Method: Once done, we will supply you with...
- ALL 24 videos in HD. They will be categorized by 'style' type in their each named file folder.
- Dropbox - the videos will be in a zip folder and be placed in Dropbox. We'll be emailing you a custom link whereas you'll click it, and download that zipped folder. Once unzipped, you have a master folder, and within that, all the style typed names and your CUSTOMIZED videos will be in there.




PS: Ask us about our Monthly Package Deal! (save hundreds)

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