Video Leverage Suite

 What this is

  • Taking your videos to the next frontier! Now you surely will be able to make your videos have a call-to-action.
  • You have a video, now you need to host it. DON’T host your videos on YouTube. WHY? They are very distracting and they show your competitor’s videos. DON’T SHOW YOUR COMPETITOR’S VIDEOS! We will Host them and provide you with a small code to embed on your website or landing page.
  • But what do you want that video to do? Create a buzz? Create a call-to-action?
  • Have someone react after they view your video?
  • Well… how can that be done? We have the answer!

What this is NOT!

  •  It’s not a video editing program
  •  It’s not a video making program
  • It’s not just a Video Player
  •  It’s a professional ‘per-client’ interactive video marketing system player – a system whereas you can have multiple ways of creating call-to-action elements
  • It’s YOUR complete Video Marketing Platform.

Now, you’ll have a true interactive video that will ENGAGE your viewers and have them watch it till the end and at that time, tell them what to do next!

What are we talking about?

  • How about taking your video, adding it to your business website or Landing page and having the ability to have overlays on them.
  • Not just those overlays you may have seen on YouTube videos, but custom overlays that create a sense of urgency!
  • Add a call-to-action button link / Add a button to link to another page or offer.

The Top 10 ‘Video Leverage Suite‘ Features

  • Splash Image – This is a custom image that resides at the beginning of the video. Instead of a boring or random image, we create one that viewers will want to click to view your video
  • Click-to-Call – At ending of video, we can add an image, and once clicked, will call you
  • Click-to-Redirect – At any point in the video, we can add an image, and once clicked, will redirect anywhere you want it to
  • End Card Redirect – At the end of your video, you want to let your viewers know what to do next, so you can have an image for desktop viewers to go to one place and mobile another
  • Logo Branding – While the video is in play, we can have your logo inside the video
  • Hotspots – Create a custom pulsating button that the viewer can see and click on. This feature allows you to highlight a certain element or idea on your video.
  • Video Funnels – Did you ever want to have your viewer choose between this OR that in your video? Well, with this feature you can! You can create a funnel in which they can choose what they want to see. For example, if your video is talking about animals, you can end your video with a selection. Do you want to know more about cats, dogs or birds. Once they click the selection, a NEW video will start. This is Great if you have more than ONE item you want to showcase.
  • Opt-in form – Have a mailing list? Now you can have your opt-in form at any point in the video, or at the end of it
  • Create Surveys – You can create a survey (multiple choice clickable links) and have them click a button that will redirect them to ‘that’ choice
  • Player Choice – Do you have a branding color? Do you want the player to include it? Now, you can. You can have any color and choose the player icon color. You can even have it pulsate!

When your viewers interact with your video, they stay longer and conversions increase!

After these 10, can you see NOW, why our service is paramount for YOU to have?

They say seeing is believing…

lets us show you how VLS features will increase your bottom-line!

Contact us today and get your OWN INTERACTIVE Video