Looking for that Social Media ‘EDGE’ in your business Videos?

What if:

  • there was a way to get viewers ATTENTION that they would watch your video to the end and gain business from it?
  • there was a way to create the perfect video that anyone using a Smartphone already does now?
  • you could be one of the 1st businesses to use this cutting-edge technology right now?

It would be GREAT for business, correct?

Introducing ‘Text Video Ads’

What is Text Video Ads

Text Video Ads is a New, Cutting Edge, video technology…

that uses Text Stories in real life converted into a TXT/SMS Style Video, when watched will go viral and is a MUST for your video marketing tool box!

The chat back-and-forth could be a representation to look like it’s between you and anyone (Be it your customer, staff, a sales representative or any 2 fictional characters).

You can talk about your business, a service you have or just about anything you can think of…..THINK OF ALL THE POSSIBILITIES!


Why use Text Video Ads

Since Text Video Ads is text story telling and If you’ve viewed our site, we produce doodle videos, FB cover videos, animated videos and so on…

We decided to combine psychology & technology in story telling to create a video so powerful, that viewers will watch and follow along with the story you’re telling.

If your text story is funny, uplifting or pitching your business, viewers are COMPELLED to watch. When watching, your message will be heard.

But in a way that people do every single day…and that is via their smart phone and texting!

Text stories using our technology

This is…

a Social Media Video Platform that will sky rocket your engagement as well as have viewers watching over and over again. How powerful is that?

View this video to find out!

In Today’s World of data over-load….

They say the Attention-Span of the average audience viewing data is that of a goldfish, 3-7 seconds!

What If… You could get UNDIVIDED ATTENTION of your viewers with your next FB video – like you see in the examples below?

Lets take a look at 2 Live ‘Text Video Ads’ samples

Do we have you THINKING of all the POSSIBILITIES in your Social Media?

BUT… a vertical Video?

3 reasons to incorporate text video ads vertical videos in FB

Everyone Watches...

video on their phone. With Smart Phones being in everyone’s hands all the time, video is being watched more and more on their devices.

Vertically Held...

Pick up your cell phone. We bet your phone is vertical. BUT, when you watch a video, do you turn your phone to watch it? Nope, and you’re not alone.

Vertical=More Engagement

Vertical videos just don’t look nicer on one’s mobile device but reports state that there is 9 times more engagement when videos are vertical.

7 Powerful Features you’ll GAIN from Text Video Ads

More Exposure

By using Text Video Ads into your Social Media, you’ll gain more Exposure

Social Sharing

Incorporating Text Stories using Text Video Ads into your Social Media, you’ll see them sharing them

Gain new clients

When you use First-to-Market technology that delivers engagement, you’ll create new clients

Add GIF’s and Images

We can add any animated GIF and IMAGES into the conversation just like you’d use when texting someone

Engage your viewers

Social Media (FB) is all about engagement. Once your audience sees a TextVideoAds in YOUR post, you’ll be engaging them in a NEW and Creative way

Increase sales

Once you have them engaged by texting a story, you can sell them on why to purchase from you, and that in turn will increase your sales

Increase your ROI

Once we have created your TextVideoAds with a story-line that engages your target audience, using this technology correctly, your sales will increase and you’ll be coming back for more creative stories. So, if it engages, increases sales, then you’ve increased your ROI

Okay, but what about your Business Website?

We have you covered!

Text Video Ads for your website

Pair up your Facebook Text Video Ads with a video-in-video production.

We add your Text Video Ads within a POWERFUL video. This will compel your viewers to visit your Facebook page and now you have them ENGAGED!

We bundle the Text Video Ads for your Social Media and Website Version…

to convert as many eyeballs as possible!

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  • Convey your message that gets seen and heard!
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