No Matter if your a Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale Arizona, Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada or Dallas Texas, you need to separate yourself from all the other Real Estate Agents in your area as well as market your listing effectively. Now, you can arm yourself with user-friendly, low cost yet POWERFUL technology that showcases your clients listing!


Real Estate Agents and Brokers….are mobilizing

There is a huge potential for Agents and Brokers in Single Property Listings

and you don’t know it….YET!


We have a unique twist on Single Property Listings,

that targets your individual client’s listing and gets the

listing noticed and sold quicker!   

What we have for you….



‘We create a custom mobile website for your individual listings!’

What This Is:

  • A way for you to creatively market each listing you have
  • A no-fluff, non-invasive, true marketing platform
  • A complete, personalized mobile listing for R.E. market
  • Once listing is sold, delete, and move on to the next

What this is NOT:

  • A business mobile website for Real Estate Agents
  • A long term commitment for Real Estate Agents
  • A complex method for marketing for Real Estate Agents
  • Expensive


American adults own a smartphone


Among homebuyers, found their homes through a mobile site


On weekends, smartphones account for “impressions” for online real estate ads


mobile phones accounted for of all searches related to buying a home


Videos...did you know...

73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor who offers to create a video for them, but only 4% of agents put their listings on YouTube?


Videos...did you know...

One-fifth of future homebuyers say they’ll use a mobile device to watch a video, such as a home tour

Now, lets get into what we are providing you!

Here’s a sample of what you could have…


It will come totally branded with your information on it!

Want to see a LIVE demo of our RE Mobilized Listing website?


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        What We Offer:

  • Real Estate Realtor Per Listing Mobile Website (branded with your company information)
  • Real Estate Realtor Per Listing Mobile Website (branded with your listing information)
  • Realtor Personalized Whiteboard Doodle Listing Video (This is a true $249.00 Value)
  • Colorized QR Code (for marketing) and not one of those plain black and white ones
  • We’ll host your Listing Mobile Site, (at: with NO reference to any company)
  • If you want to host it, we supply you with a file to upload to your hosting account
  • If you host it, we’ll provide an informational video that will walk you through it, step-by-step. Easy file upload (so you own this site)
  • Once listing is sold, we’ll delete site, if we host, if you host the mobile website, you can just delete the file folder you uploaded

        Included on Mobilized Website:

  • Branded Logo
  • Custom Whiteboard Doodle Video (with 3 listing images included)
  • If you don’t want the Custom Whiteboard doodle video, we can create a 3 image slider on the mobile website homepage
  • Property Description (Image, Address, Listing details, Additional Details, Get Directions)
  • Map to Property
  • Contact Information
  • Visit Company Website Link
  • Your Social Media Links (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Tap-to-Call
  • Tap-to-Email
  • Tap-to-Text

View a Whiteboard Doodle Video Sample:


Our Production Process in 4 Short Steps:

Smartphones and tablets have changed how the world works.

Real Estate and Real Estate Listings are no exception.

We’ve created a mobile marketing platform to make sure you’re serving consumers everywhere.

Why have we built this platform?

  • Since we’ve been designing mobile websites for businesses over 2 years, we’ve gotten a lot of question from the Real Estate Industry about their issues not with their company sites, but the listing sites
  • So we put our thinking-caps on an polled agents coast-to-coast 
  • We wanted to create a user-friendly way that your prospects could easily find out more on your listing, but make sure they had a way to contact you with ease. 
  • That is the short version of how RE Mobilized Listing came to be

Let’s take a look on how this revolutionary platform works

  • You have your R.E. Mobilized Listing Platform on your site.
  • You have the Real Estate Listing Branded QR Code on flyers, hand-outs and any other forms of marketing for that listing
  • Potential Real Estate Clients viewing your ad, or driving past the listing will see the QR Code
  • Once scanned, your individual mobile website will appear
  • It loads fast, so they can view this listing without any distractions and with the ‘TAP-To’ features, there are 3 easy ways for them to get in contact with you
  • Once they do, now it’s your turn to shine, our job is done and done with ease and convenience to all parties

What happens if you do not have an innovative mobile platform?

  • If your site is not mobile optimized, it will take a long time for your regular site to load, if it loads at all.
  • Their inability to find you will frustrate them and encourage them to look elsewhere, or give up.
  • While a number of agents do not have their own personal site, a few forward-thinking agents and brokers have been marketing their businesses using our “stealth” and “innovative” platform….and it WORKS!
  • >>>>ARE YOU NEXT?

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