“Command Attention”
with Dental Whiteboard Videos
and our POWERFUL Call-to-Action service!

Benefits of a Whiteboard Animated Doodle Video

The following are just 8 reasons doodle videos work!

Dental Whiteboard Videos

Engages viewers unlike any other ‘style’ video

Whiteboard Videos

Increases awareness to your practice

Doodle Videos

Increases conversion rates

Dental Doodle Videos

Enhances your practices visibility


Makes you stand out from other practices

Doodle Videos will...

Done correctly, Increased rankings on search engines

Doodle Animation Videos...

They get watched till the end

Bottom-line they...

showcase your thoughts in a new way…. and they WORK!

Why you need a Whiteboard Doodle Animated Video on your website

See why our doodle video WORKS!


Whiteboard Doodle Videos...

Connect with your viewers emotionally


These 'Style' Videos...

Keeps viewers entertained and engaged in the video message



Build Trust


They also...

Get Watched till the end! (if done correctly)

Lets talk Call-to-Actions (CTA) on your doodle videos

Here’s just 3 options of a host of many


At end of video, if viewed on a mobile cell phone, there is an image called an ‘end card’. They’d tap the image and your phone number will appear on the dial pad. They just click send!

Click to Redirect

Inside the playing video, we can place an image so if on a mobile OR desktop, they would click it and it would redirect them to ANY page or Social Media you want them to go to!


Opt-in Form

Want to start an email list? Here’s a great way to do it. We can add an opt-in form at any part of the video.