Is your Facebook cover a bit boring?

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Are you looking for more EMOTIONAL reaction from your Facebook viewers?

We can design a Custom Facebook Business Video Cover for you!
Turn Boring covers into a Call-to-Action!

Turn This

Into This


Turn This

Into This

Benefits of a Business Facebook Cover Video

The following are just 8 reasons why!

FB Business Video Covers

Engages viewers unlike boring images. It’s like having a 24/7 Live Billboard working for you!

Facebook Video Covers

Increases awareness to your Business

FB Video Covers

Increase conversion rates

FB Video Covers

Enhances your Business visibility. Get more than one. For Promotions, Specials or Events!


Makes you stand out from other businesses

FB Video Covers will...

Done correctly, will keep them coming back

FB Business Videos Covers...

Get watched

Bottom-line, they...

showcase your business…. and you can have more designed so they keep coming back to see what’s next!

4 more Business FB Video Cover Examples

Here’s another example of a FB Video Cover

But, it’s created using a Doodle Video

Take a look and see what we can do with your FB Cover

Now, for the details…

What we Provide

  • Your Branding will be on each Video Cover
  • A Custom Audio Track comes with each Video Cover
  • Video Cover Tempo’s range from: Slow, Medium, Fast. Cinematic and Corporate styles
  • Each Video Cover is size correct for desktop, laptop and mobile
  • Video Covers range between 20-90 seconds long and max 30fps. (Within FB specs)
  • Pending your choice(s) of the Video Cover, images and/or short video snippets will be added
  • We will setup an initial conference call to find out more of your needs. Then we can start the design process
  • PRICING: Ranges start at $199.00 each. Once we understand your needs, we can quote you properly.
  • When purchasing more than one (at time of sale), a discount will be added…. More for a Promotion, Sale or Event!

The Process

  • We will be setting up our automated process
  • This Process will have our templates broken down in categories
  • You will just need to pick a template in that category and check out
  • Each Template will have a description of what is needed (be it images, videos, as well as the sizes)
  • If you do not have the images/videos…we can supply them, but they may NOT be exactly what you want
  • For NOW, if you have any questions, or would like to purchase a FB Business Video Cover…contact us for more information
  • Estimated time that we’ll have our Process as well as our templates ready is about the end of the year.
  • Now you can enjoy your custom video cover and see how your viewers react!

Interact With Your Facebook Viewers!

  • With Business Facebook Video Covers, you NOW have a POWERFUL Call-to-Action BILLBOARD
  • They Engage your viewers and TELL them what to do!
  • If you truly want to interact with your viewers, get several FB Video Covers. For a Promotion, Sale or Event!
  • Contact us today and see how this WILL impact your bottom-line!

NOTICE: Pavcomm and this site is in no way affiliated with Facebook. We just create videos for Business Covers. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook.