Here’s our Explainer Style Video Library

Expectations from our Explainer Videos

  • A custom branded look and feel for your business
  • These are pre-designed videos, yet by adding your text content and branding, it will look like you had it professionally customized
  • Out Explainer Style Videos below, will allow you to get an Explainer Video at a fantastic price. A fraction of a total custom one
  • The demo text content is fully customized for your own content
  • We’ll add your color scheme (where allowed), logo, content (text) information, images (where possible)
  • We’ll also add a sound track that will fit your video. (NOTE: voice overs can be done for an extra fee)

Why choose our Explainer Videos

  • They’re quality videos, and that means your viewers think you’ve paid a fortune to get your message across, but you haven’t
  • They’re great to place on your website or your social media sites
  • You’ll receive personal branding, professional produced video that your competition surely won’t have
  • The produced video will create a sense of customer quality and caring to your viewers…. Show them you CARE!
  • These videos create a sense of urgency and a CALL-to-ACTION!

More Explainer Videos will be added to our library on a weekly basis, so stop back and see what we’ve done! 

Want to see a sample of our videos? Watch the videos below


Character Explainer Video 1

Animated Explainer Video 1

Kinetic Typography Explainer Video 1

Character Explainer Video 2

Animated Explainer Video 2

Kinetic Typography Explainer Video 2

Character Explainer Video 3

Animated Explainer Video 3 (Retro Look)

Kinetic Typography Explainer Video 3


Animated Explainer Dental Style 1

Animated Explainer Dental Style 4

Animated Explainer Dental Style 2

More to Come
Stop back soon!

Animated Explainer Dental Style 3


Animated Explainer Real-Estate Style 1

Animated Explainer Real-Estate Style 2

Animated Explainer Real-Estate Style 3

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