• We at Pavcomm, thank you for entrusting us to produce your Whiteboard Doodle Video Production.
  • There are a few things that we need to go over so we can better understand what you want to portray and how you want to not only get your message across, but to WOW your viewers.
Below are step-by-step instructions on how to proceed
1st Stage (Documents)

1) You will need to download a PDF document for your Whiteboard Doodle Video Script and Requirements.
You will find this HERE.

– This will cover both the doodle script (wants and needs) as well as our requirements for production.

– NOTE: Since you’ll be providing company images, please make sure you provide images in ‘clean’ quality, this means high resolution and in either .png or .svg format ONLY. If any image modifications needs to be made on our part for quality purposes, we will contact you, due to a cost might occur. We will supply doodle images, but if you have any that you want us to use, please submit those as well.

2) Next, you’ll need to download our Whiteboard Doodle Storyboard Set-up. This will show you how we do the storyboard for your doodle production. You will find this PDF HERE. (this is a SAMPLE. Please submit in a word document. (.doc OR .docx ONLY)

3) Last, you’ll need a ‘sample scene layout.’ This PDF will show you how Pavcomm would like the layout to look like. There are 3 main components to this. (A) What is drawn in doodle style per each scene (B) What will be doodle written in each scene (C) If you require a voice over, what that person will be saying. You will find this PDF HERE

IMAGES are defined not only as your pictures, logos and our doodle clip art / images but also a group of words. When we ‘Doodle’ your storyboard for your video, a ‘grouping’ of words will ‘doodle’ as well as images. So, please keep in mind that when you write your script and upload your images, you might want to think about this.

EXAMPLE – If you wanted the text, “Welcome to our video” and we doodled it, it will be approximately 3 seconds.

2nd Stage (Voice Over)
VOICE OVER – If you are opting to have a Voice Over on your video, the 1st item we need is your Voice Over. Why? So we know the timing and tempo for drawing your doodle video.

– We need to select the voice over of your choice as well as the style you want the voice over artist to use.
– There are a few requirements that we need follow so that we correctly get what you are needing.

Please CLICK HERE to select your voice over artist as well a submit a short online form for requirements.
NOTE: If you’re providing the Voice Over, you can skip this part, but we’ll need your Voice Over in an .mp3 format prior to us starting your doodle video. (document found below in 3rd Stage)

3rd Stage (Document Submission)
1) Once you have completed the Whiteboard Doodle Video Storyboard Set-up document, you’ll need to upload it to our upload portal webpage.

2) Once you have the company images (logo, etc..) you’ll need to also upload those images to us.

Once we have your data, we’ll have the green light to proceed!

4th Stage (Our Turn)
1) If you are providing a voice over, we’ll need that first. If we are providing the voice over, this will need to be done first as well. So, we’ll need the VO script.

2) Once you have submitted both the set-up document and images, our staff will start the Whiteboard Doodle Video Process.

3) When our Doodle designer is done, we will contact you via email.man.doodling.2

4) We will submit to you via Dropbox link, a draft of your Whiteboard Doodle Video. You can then review for any corrections/modifications. (revisions are limited to your option package purchase)

Final Stage (Getting your Doodle Video)
1) If any revisions need to be made, our design team will perform the final doodle video. Once completed, we will be contacting you via email with a Dropbox link for you to get your finalized Whiteboard Doodle Video.

– We will be providing the final version in a ‘.mp4’ format. (If another format is required, PLEASE inform us so we can complement your needs.)