Whiteboard Doodle Video Outro

What is a Whiteboard Doodle Video?


  • A whiteboard doodle video is where a hand draws text and images to create a powerful message and engages the viewer
  • A doodle video is a short, creative way to tell your story as well as it’s a STRONG call-to-action
  • These style videos DO get watched till the end
  • Whiteboard Doodle Videos increase customer awareness
  • To get a better understanding of what we mean, VIEW this short doodle video and see how YOU can stand out from your competition

Now you know what a Whiteboard Doodle Video is……


  • Whiteboard Doodle Videos creates excitement when watched (if done correctly)
  • Whiteboard Doodle Videos will increase your viewer conversions

So then lets talk about what a Doodle Video Outro is!

  • First…. have you ever viewed a video that was on YouTube?
  • Once that video is done, or has ended, what is the NEXT thing you see? Someone else’s video…right?
  • Well, this is a bad, due to the viewer is focused on what they are now seeing and not what they just saw! (YOUR VIDEO)

Take a look below, look familiar?

What your YouTube Video might look like at the end of your video

Don’t have this, your viewer could leave you and go to your competitor

Doodle Video Outro SampleGet a Whiteboard Doodle Video Outro for the videos end. Keep your viewer’s with a TRUE Call-to-Action video ending

There is a way to STOP this!


It’s called a YouTube Video Outro. Let’s talk about what a YouTube Video Outro is

What is a Doodle Video Outro

  • There are several names associated with this.
  • It maybe called a Video Outro, End Card, End Slate, End Screen just to name a few
  • Simply put, a Video Outro is placed at the END of your video
  • It is a short 20-30 second image or video that you ENABLE clickable links to places
  • These places can be your website, another video or two, social media, etc…
  • It makes the viewer NOT see those other videos and focuses on your Call-to-Actions
  • Once viewed, it’s the SINGLE BEST way to KEEP your viewers with you.
  • SEE FOR YOURSELF…. Watch this doodle video and see what happens at the end


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