“A website without a video, is a waste of that visitor… A website with a poor video, is a waste of money… get a video for your website that will PULL visitors in, while giving them a call-to-action”


Videos are Incredibly Powerful!


A one minute video has the same emotional impact as 1.8 million written words! (Forrester Group)


89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. (ComScore)


Online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and up to 69% of traffic on certain networks. (Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report)

BUT…not just any video will do!

You need a video that will hit 5 main points

  • Create an Emotion

  • Create a Need

  • Solve that Need

  • Get watched to the end

  • Have a Call-to-Action

We have created several video styles that hit all five bullet points…PLUS our videos engage your viewers, so they’ll understand your message!


Below, are different style videos that will engage your viewers and bottom-line,

get them to ACT on what they watched!

See what we can create for your business!

 Whiteboard Doodle Videos

  • It’s a video where a human hand draws text and images that makes the video seem like a doodle
  • They Engage Your Audience
  • It showcases your thoughts, ideas and business in a new way
  • Keep viewers watching till the end
  • We can create Social Media sizes as well… Square and Vertical



Whiteboard Doodle CTA Shorts Videos


  • They are short 30 second whiteboard doodle videos
  • They give a distinct ‘Call-to-Action’ for your viewers
  • Each one is pre-designed and unique
  • Pick one or more for your website
  • We can create Social Media sizes as well… Square and Vertical



Music Visualizerr


  • If you create any type of audios and display them on your site, you NEED this
  • Add engaging visuals, that are hypnotic and viewers stick like GLUE to not only watch, but listen to your audio
  •  Businesses NEED a way to engage viewers now days when it comes to any style of audio. Why not hit another one of their senses and have your audio MOVE to the sound of the beat or voice


Text Engagerr Videos

  • Since most people have cell phones and use the text feature, why not mimic this style
  • This is NEW Video Technology that truly gets viewed
  • It tells a story that viewers engage in and it’s watched till the end
  • Vertical videos are gaining more and more traction, so why not take advantage of our NEWEST way to communicate


Explainer Videos

  • If you’re looking for a flare for something different, an Explainer Video maybe the way to go
  • They show a problem then solve that problem
  • Since they are explaining an issue the viewer may have, it gets watch till the end
  • We have ‘Character’, ‘Animation’ and ‘Kinetic Typography’ styles to choose from


Industry Specific Videos

  • If you don’t know what you want, maybe an Industry Specific video is for you
  • They are pre-produced production videos that add elements of video, text and at times spokespeople
  • We can even produce a custom one for you
  • The quality is second to none and your viewers will think you spent a fortune, but you didn’t


3D Animated Logos


  • Hollywood Style Animation for your Logos
  • Supply us with your business logo, or a .png image, and we will create a stunning 3D Animation
  • You no longer have to worry about cost or production time… Fare pricing with a short turn-over time


Music Visualizerr Videos


  • CREATE a video out of your audio files
  • This is a GREAT way to showcase any audio file on your Social Media Posts
  • We call this, Music Visualizerr and it helps your BUSINESS website and your Social Media!


A POWERFUL website Call-to-Action


  • If you’re looking for a way to CREATE call-to-actions on our site, what can you do?
  • There’s an ISSUE with most websites and we’ve created a SOLUTION which will get NOTICED
  • We call it, VidPresenter and it helps your BUSINESS website!


But wait…Now for the
POWERFUL Video Call-to-Actions


  • Are you looking for a way to CAPTURE your viewers and TELL them what to do next?
  • There is a PROBLEM with video that we have SOLVED
  • Create and Command ATTENTION
  • We call it, Video Engagerr and it will TRANSFORM your videos!



YouTube 'Animated' Video Outro's


YouYube™ Animated Video Outro’s

Once you post your video on YouTube, you think you’re all set. BUT… have you ever watched a video on YouTube till the end?
Ever notice what is at the end of each and every single YouTube video….

A List of your competitors videos!

Now, Pavcomm will be eliminating this by applying a call-to-action outro to videos. This is a powerful way of promoting your product, services or goods. But…this is NO ordinary ‘outro’, we have ‘ANIMATED’ Outro’s! This will keep your viewer engaged after your video is done and will WATCH it!

No more ‘competitors’ videos showing up after your YouTube Video is finished!


Looking to increase your business?

Contact us today and see for yourself how a well constructed, powerfully designed video can effect your business in a positive way!

Gone are the days of expensive, long boring videos!

Create Trust with your Prospects and Clients


View video to see how!

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