Audio Visualizerr Videos


Let your viewer HEAR you and...

create a way that your viewer WILL want to listen to what you have to say!


A perfect maketing medium for...

your social media. Since most folks are on their mobile device, it’s vertical in size. it fills their screen so NO distractions!


It's called 'Personal Touch Message'...

for a reason. When a viewer can hear and see what you are saying, they tend to RETAIN that information!

3 Reasons you NEED ‘Audio Visualizerr’ Videos on social media

Be Heard...

You want to be heard on your social media platforms, correct? This will do the trick!

Understanding your message

Text, images and videos are polluting social media platforms. Viewers are desensitized to all this noise! Post something different and they will listen and understand!

Stand apart from your competitors

We call this ‘style’ of video Personal Touch Message. When you can talk to your viewers as if you were face to face, you then have an edge, which makes all the difference!

Let your viewers SEE and HEAR your Spoken Words!

Lets take a deep dive into this a bit more…

Okay, What is an Audio Visualizerr Video

– It’s a vertical sized (1080×1920) video explicitly designed for social media platforms

– It’s between 30 and 60 seconds in length

– It’s an audio recording of YOU talking about something of interest about you and/or your business/industry

– Along with some imagery and/or video inside this vertical video… there is what’s called a waveform OR spectrum that moves to the sound of your audio voice

– They will be customized with YOUR branded colors, logo and text content

– When there is a moving waveform to the sound of your voice, our brains gets fixated on it, and we are mesmerized by it

Why is it different than a Music Visualizerr

– Whereas a music visualizerr is a waveform to music, an audio visualizerr is a waveform to the sound of your voice

– Music visualizerrs are more flamboyant in design an more in your face, an audio visualizerr is more tame in design

NOTE: THESE ARE ALL CREATED AND DESIGNED FROM THE GROUND UP IN-HOUSE. This is the reason you’ve never seen this ‘style’ designed this way before!

Want to see these in Action?

Then Click to SEE & HEAR this Video for yourself!

Lets take a look at some templates

Turn your spoken words into a VISUAL masterpiece!


  • Since these TEMPLATES are of our own design you provide your audio .mp3 and we’ll add it to the style of your choice.
  • The Coloring and Logo will be of your own branding. We’ll match to suite.
  • The Text Content will match your message.
  • They come in ‘packs of 3,6 & 9’ and starts at only $137.00 per 3pk
  • We will be adding MORE templates each month.
  • Contact us and try a ‘3 pack’ today and see more social media `engagement tomorrow.



Our only question is: Which templates do you want to start with?