Video Engagerr


Interact with your viewers...

‘Video Engagerr’ has features that any viewer will be able to Interact with.


Make your Video Standout...

With VLS, no longer will your videos just be about watching, they’ll be about Engagement!


Give your Viewers a Call-To-Action...

You need to TELL your viewer want to do next after they watch, with ‘Video Engagerr’, you’re able to redirect them where YOU want them to go to next!

Top 3 reasons you NEED Video Engagerr


Never before can YOU have so much control on what the viewer sees and what they can do inside YOUR video!

You Control...

what the viewer sees and when they see it.

Interactive Communications

We all know that Video is the best form of communication over text or images. Why not take the POWER of Video Engagerr and RELEASE the POWER of its features?

Take back CONTROL of how your viewer watches your videos


What this is

  • Taking your videos to the next frontier! Now you surely will be able to make your videos have a call-to-action.
  • You have a video, now you need to host it. DON’T host your videos on YouTube. WHY? They are very distracting and they show your competitor’s videos. DON’T SHOW YOUR COMPETITOR’S VIDEOS! We will Host them and provide you with a small code to embed on your website or landing page.
  • But what do you want that video to do? Create a buzz? Create a call-to-action?
  • Have someone react after they view your video?
  • Well… how can that be done? We have the answer!

What this is NOT!

  •  It’s not a video editing program
  •  It’s not a video making program
  • It’s not just a Video Player
  •  It’s a professional ‘per-client’ interactive video marketing system player – a system whereas you can have multiple ways of creating call-to-action elements
  • It’s YOUR complete Video Marketing Platform.

Now, you’ll have a true interactive video that will ENGAGE your viewers and have them watch it till the end and at that time, tell them what to do next!

So, what are we talking about?

The ability to INTERACT with your viewers inside a video, then guide them to where YOU want them to go next!

Lets take a look at 6 ‘Video Engagerr’ Features

Hot Spots

– Create custom pulsating buttons that the viewer can see and click on.
– This feature allows you to highlight a certain element or idea on your video.
– Once Clicked, it can direct them to a URL, Video OR a custom field.
– have one OR any amount placed at certain times throughout your video. (HotSpots can be branded to your colors)

Clickable Links

– Now, you can have a TRUE interactive video!
– At any point in the video, we can add an image…
– Add a button
– Add a Note Box…
– and once clicked, will redirect anywhere you want it to go, be it a website page or a video.
– These Links can be placed anywhere in your video, at any time frame of it.
– Now, just think about all the possiblities that you have!

Video Funnels

– Did you ever want to have your viewer choose between this OR that in your video? Well, with this feature you can!
– You can create a funnel in which they can choose what they want to see.
– For example, if your video is talking about animals, you can end your video with a selection.
– Do you want to know more about cats, dogs or birds. Once they click the selection, a NEW video will start.
– This is Great if you have more than ONE item you want to showcase..


– We all know now days, a bulk of your viewers are on a mobile phone.
– Wouldn’t be great if there was a way that they could CLICK on a button and it would call you?
– Well, now that is a reality!
– At any point in the video, we’ll add a Tap-to-Call image, and once clicked, your number will appear on their screen and all they do is tap it, and it calls you!
– Make it easy as possible to get ahold of you, now you can!

Custom Thumbnail

– This is a custom image that resides at the beginning of the video.
– Instead of a boring or random image, we create one that viewers will want to click to view your video.
– It does NOT matter how good your video is, nor how great the information is, if one does not click on it.
– With a Custom Thmbnail (or some will call it a Splash Image) it needs to stand out from your content on your page.

End Card

– Or, as well like to call it…. On-Finish Actions:
– At the end of your video, you want to let your viewers know what to do next
– You can redirect your viewers to your offer or any other web pages.
– No more having the text and they have to write it down, now they can just click and it redirects!

Now, lets look at more features Video Engagerr has

  • Click-to-Redirect – At any point in the video, we can add an image, and once clicked, will redirect anywhere you want it to
  • Chapter Markers – Have a long video and need to seperate one idea from another? You can add Chapter Markers and it will show up on the play bar.
  • Floating Videos – With this option, once someone views your video, then decides to scroll down the page, the video will scroll with it.
  • Image On Pause – When your video is being viewed, and they pause it, we can add any image, so you have a built-in marketing place holder.
  • Video Preview GIF for Email Marketing – We provide you an embed code, and you add it to your outgoing email, and a ‘gif’ will play. We add a link to it, so when they click-it, it will redirect where you want it to go to.
  • Logo Branding – While the video is in play, we can have your logo inside the video
  • Opt-in form – Have a mailing list? Now you can have your opt-in form at any point in the video, or at the end of it
  • Create Surveys – Create a survey (multiple choice clickable links) and have them click a button that will redirect them to ‘that’ choice
  • Player Choice – Branding is VERY important. That’s why we can color match the viewo player with YOUR colors of choice! From boarders to player icon (which can even ‘pulsate’ for that extra pop)!
  • Smart Playback – Now, if a visitor comes back to your site, and views that video, it will pick up where they left off. Plus, set it for ‘Auto-Pause’ and if they scroll down the page and come back it will resume where they left off.
  • Auto-Adjust Player (Responsive) – No matter what device is being used and what dimentions your video is, it will view on ALL devices.
  • Password Protect – Don’t want everyone viewing a video? Okay, then set up a password and prior to viewing, they have to enter the PW.
  • Email Gate – Have them enter their email before watching video.
  • Share Gate – Have your viewers ‘SHARE’ your video and gain viral traffic.
  • Pay Per View Gate – Accept payments within our player prior to viewing.
  • > ANALYTICS – We provide a monthly detailed analytic report. Dates, locations, devices and viewer based Heatmaps!
  • > HOSTING – We host all your videos via rock solid servers in the cloud. Making sure your videos play super fast on ALL browsers!

3 reasons you should NEVER use YouTube on your website


Too many distractions! Ever view a YouTube Video? Notice when you pause or come to the end, it shows your competitors videos any they can LEAVE, NOT GOOD!

Their Branding and NOT yours...

So, you have their branding all over YOUR video, and not yours. Not a great way to showcase your video. Your viewer can click it once, and they are off your site for good!

Limited Customizations...

If you have fewer than 1,000 subscribers, you CANNOT do basic customazations to your video.

So, as you can see, they own your video and how viewers view it. Take back control of YOUR video!

Now, lets talk about the BIG Corporations…

They Understand the POWER

– of Interactive Videos. They now have a way for viewers to be engaged.

BIG Brand Names....

– like Maybelline, Samsung, Toyota and SGOSS.
– just to name a few

See what they created...

– NOTE: we did NOT create these, nor do we have the entire video ad.
– We just wanted you to see that the BIG guns have been using Interactive Videos.
– Now, we can offer this to regular businesses at a fraction of their costs.
– Now, you’ll also be able to get extraordinary results!

Pick a Video and View 4 different BIG Corporations and their edited short interactive video segments…

So, as you can see, they own your video and how viewers view it. Take back control of YOUR video!

When your viewers interact with your video, they stay longer and conversions increase!

They say seeing is believing…

We’ll show you how Video Engagerr will increase your bottom-line!

Contact us today and get your OWN INTERACTIVE Video


  • Powerful Viewer Engagements
  • Dynamic Call-to-Action
  • Want to change a Call-to-Action? Easy, we just redirect where you want them to go. Refresh your browser and it’s done!
  • Increase sales, Impact viewer awareness and take your videos to a NEW way of communicating
  • Impact your business bottom-line, Contact us today!
  • Our only Question is:
    > HOW MANY
    VIDEOS DO YOU NEED VLS added to?

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